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  1. Hello everyone. This is a quick overview of the parts of DiRT Rally 2.0 that require online server connectivity to function. An online connection is required for the following parts of the game: My Team - Taking part in Events. My Team - Completing Events and submitting times to Leaderboards. My Team - Updating Garage contents. My Team - Upgrading Staff abilities. Custom - Creating Multiplayer Championships Custom - Finding and joining Multiplayer Championships Custom - Submitting times to Leaderboards in Time Trial Custom - Accessing and taking part in Club Events You do not need an online connection for the following game modes*: Colin McRae Scenarios Historic Championships FIA World Rallycross Championship Free Roam Custom - Creating and playing in single-player Championships If you experience server connectivity issues, and they persist after a short amount of time (and retrying doesn't work), the best way to let us know is through the following: Posting in this thread - Make sure you post what platform and region you are playing on too, as well as what part of the game you were trying to access at the time. Tweet to @dirtgame - As above, specify what platform/region you are a part of and what part of the game you were playing. Email custservice@codemasters.com - As above, the more info you provide the better. Screenshots are also useful. Although we have systems in place to detect the rare times server connectivity is dropping, making us aware directly is also helpful in ensuring everybody can get back to playing the full set of game features as soon as possible. Please note that server connectivity is tied into platform connectivity, so make sure to check if Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services are up and running also. If you're on Windows 7, check this first before reporting any issues: * The game will still attempt to connect in order to upload times to Leaderboards, however you can continue to play in these parts of the game regardless.