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  1. Codemasters are taking the piss. Probably having a laugh while reading this and spending our money.
  2. So u play pirated version or not at all? :smiley:  I want Codemasters to refund me my 50 euros and pay me another 50euros for beta testing their shitty game.
  3. I look at the list of bugs and there is almost 20 confirmed bugs. Last years game took 9 patches to be playable atleast, which is a joke. The more i read the less i want to play this abomination of the game. Then I look at the mod and stuff activity here which is non existant and they couldnt even give a f*ck to provide us with honest answer that they have abandoned the ship.
  4. Proud beta testers since 2010.
  5. How to call them then? Useless?  Save game corruption is in every game since they got the licence. Bunch of complete f*ck nuggets.
  6. Its not a bug, you have no skills :D
  7. We can imagine its automatic, but the truth is its non existant.
  8. I want to drive as Hamilton in Merc and drive into Mclarens pit. Make it possible or else..
  9. You probably skipped 2013 game cause its the bloody same.
  10. But does it deploys automatically or manualy by driver?
  11. Haha cause you got nothing? You will probably start to work on the game a month before release then patch it afterwards for 6 months with 50 patches.
  12. Yeah they were in every game since 2010.
  13. Yeah, race engineer is a complete f*ck nugget. It hasnt been changed since 2010, same boring messages, and that voice..yawn
  14. ... to get the psychological edge i need to counter all this ingame bugs.
  15. Why do we have same mistakes from Codemaster every year? Why do they always release a buggy game then patch it afterwards? Why lying that F1 2014 will be the best title of all when in truth its the worse game since 2010? Why selling half finished product even without last years features like classic cars and tracks at full price? Why does Steve Hood feels no shame for ripping us off and lying about 2014? What you should have done is say the truth from the start! Say, we will put 10% effort in making new skins and sounds and two new tracks. Cause thats what you have done. Oh and removed Classi
  16. http://wikihow.com/Use-English-Punctuation-Correctly
  17. I bought Grid Autosport which was getting awesome reviews, but i was bored half way trough cause it got really repetative so i think im gonna pass this one all together cause im saturated by similar ego driving games.
  18. F1 2014's a strange game, then, and one I can't even accuse of being just a casual reskin. It's a quantifiable step back for the series, saved only by the fact that what's there remains a satisfactory companion piece to this year's season if you're fortunate enough to have a decent steering wheel. There is at least one other new layer of authenticity for this year's game, though; charging full whack for what amounts to a slight downgrade is the kind of one-sided deal that would do even Bernie proud. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-10-15-f1-2014-review
  19. I wish Codemaster name the consoles the right way. Ps3/xbox360 = old gen Ps4/xboxone = this gen Its not next gen since the consoles are 1yr old now. Codemasters are late with engine for this gen consoles and thats a fact. I cant see anyone with ps4 buying old gen game.
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