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  1. hobsgrg

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    The plan was to continually update DR2 with extra content while it was profitable to do so, which is why they were very careful to limit season pass to just the first two seasons. That meant they could continue releasing more at additional cost. However I'm not sure that DR2 has sold well enough and has enough active users who might buy it for it to make financial sense to do more seasons.
  2. hobsgrg

    Missing Impreza?

    Subaru is still missing for me on X1X
  3. hobsgrg


    Sweden was added in the last patch and due to a bug it has appeared in career mode when it's not supposed to be available until Tuesday
  4. hobsgrg

    Daily Events Results

    If you entered you can check the results when you get the prize money
  5. @Jake Cushing Codemasters have a poor track record of making any substantial changes post release however they are using a different financial model for the first time with Dirt Rally 2.0 with the DLC seasons. I believe that Codemasters would like DR2.0 to have as Games as a Service (GaaS) model where they continue producing additional paid for DLC over a long period, hence why they've been clear that Deluxe only includes the first 2 seasons, clearly implying their hope that there will be more seasons after this, if they think it is financially viable. So if the GaaS model works then yes we could see major improvements down the line, the cynic in me believes that Codemasters will try to get as much money out of any future content for as minimal work as possible so I'm still skeptical that they will make major improvements to the base game.
  6. For Dirt Rally 2 they have switched to Temporal Anti Aliasing which is a different form of anti-aliasing used in the first game, I don't believe they will change the version of Anti-Aliasing used now. Xbox One S version in particularly I don't feel there is any chance as the game already has to dynamically drop resolution and also use screen tearing as it can't reliably hit 1080p at 60fps. Quite simply the X1S version is already struggling to maintain performance as-is. If they couldn't/wouldn't get performance perfect during development they certainly won't be doing anything major now, especially as it could exacerbate the current performance issues. Base PS4 runs pretty much perfectly at the moment performance wise, if you change the AA and introduce performance problems you'd just be switching one problem (blurriness) for another (performance dips) and I can't see them investing a lot of time to make sure you don't have either problem
  7. The simple reason appears to be that Codemasters haven't felt that it is worth the effort. PS4 Pro support was added late in development for Dirt 4 and kept 1080p but with a few increased settings like shadow detail that you'd probably only notice when stationary. DR2 uses the graphics engine from Dirt 4 as a base and they added Xbox One X support for Dirt Rally 2 at the very start of development and it was done properly with 4K support. For some reason Codemasters didn't bother to redo PS4 Pro support so PS4 version is still stuck with lacklustre 1080p. If Codemasters had put proper effort into it the game should run at 1440p no problem.
  8. hobsgrg

    Patch Notes

    The patch likely also includes the Monte Carlo DLC
  9. hobsgrg

    Dirt 2.0 - Paid DLC download size

    What usually happens with this type of game is that the DLC content is included in patches and purchasing the extra content just buys you an unlock. The two cars were 20mb each but I think they were already added in the Day 1 patch and the 20mb was just an unlock.