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  1. hobsgrg

    Patch 1.14 | F2 2020 Update

    Codemasters have the licence until end of 2025 with the option for 2 year extension
  2. hobsgrg

    Texture problem

    I've had this problem on X1X where super low res textures have been loaded in and only later do the proper ones load in. Problem is much reduced on XSX when playing from the internal SSD
  3. hobsgrg

    Classic F1 Season 2000

    Whilst this would be great I believe Codemasters would have to individually licence each team and driver and the amount of work involved is unlikely to be paid back in additional sales. People are interested in and would be willing to pay to drive iconic classic cars, but how many people would pay extra to drive a 2000 Minardi?
  4. The graphics weren't downgraded for split screen, some of the trees and scenery was completely remade because the game wasn't running at a locked 60 FPS, particularly at Monaco which had constant screen tearing as it wasn't able to hit 60 FPS. The changes means it finally runs at a nearly locked 60 FPS which is better for players and a sensible move, especially as most people will be focused on the track and not focused on trees and scenery.
  5. hobsgrg

    Ps4 to Ps5

    It won't make a difference, will work fine either way
  6. hobsgrg

    Xbox Patch Update | 1.02

    They aren't going to publish patch notes as 1.03 is the "Day One" patch, so this is still pre "Day One". It's only because there was a problem that patch is being released now, 1.03 patch won't have patch notes either.
  7. Yes this has also started happening to me after the most recent patch on Xbox One X. Quitting the race and resuming works but rather annoying