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  1. Well this is bad news as it looks like they still not updating Lewis Hamiltons helmet to the Black lives Matter design. Is this a political decision
  2. CardConvict

    Mexican Wave

    I'm not sure if this is a glitch or its new as I never noticed it in the past but in the Mexican GP as you approach and come to the crowd stands you see waves produced in the crowd. Can anyone confirm if this is a glitch or is real and added to the game on purpose as if so its a nice touch
  3. CardConvict

    Least Favourite Track

    Everything about circuits of America (USA) I HATE. I hate so much I skip this track
  4. CardConvict


    Just wanting to know if more sponsors will be added to the game and why is codemasters not a sponsor in the game lol
  5. No worries as its very rare I play online so its cool
  6. CardConvict

    Could use some help with huge stuttering issues with this game.

    Please make a bug report in the technical section as I'm having the same issue and the more people report this issue then codemasters will look into it
  7. Where can you get these mods
  8. CardConvict

    I love this game

    trying turning off SSRT shadows as this really helped me if you have it set on of coarse.
  9. CardConvict

    The making of Zandvoort in F1 2020

    managed to Race on Zandvoort yesterday and what a track. Really fast past fast corners and flowing, love it. Out of the 2 new tracks Zandvoort is my favourite
  10. Strange as my gear box lasted the 6 races in my team with still 50% wear on it. This is on my team with the Honda engine. The durability department has all the first columns activated from the start for me.
  11. CardConvict

    Stutter Fest on F1 2020 (PC)

    I also tried v-sync both in game and control panel with no affect still stuttering
  12. CardConvict

    Game micro stutters

    Welcome to Codemasters F1 stutter 2020 game
  13. CardConvict

    Stutter Fest on F1 2020 (PC)

    I'm honestly trying anything I can to stop stuttering and yes you did point out and I understood what you said, still doesn't change the fact I have issues in F1 code master games were developers don't seem to be wanting to help or point me and others in a direction.
  14. CardConvict

    Stutter Fest on F1 2020 (PC)

    Tried DLSS and got the black screen as others have reported so going to try the CS Culling option and see how I get on
  15. CardConvict

    Stutter Fest on F1 2020 (PC)

    @BarryBL Will this be looked into as I would love to know more about what the developers actually know about this considering its a known issue for the past few years