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  1. kuRBuls

    Fanatec CSW v2

    Hey, CSW v1 was working just fine. Game recognized it and most of commands were bound to buttons by default. CSW v2 does not seem to be recognized by the game. Trying to set it up command by command ends up with complete mess. Any plans to add CSW v2 to supported devices list? thanks in advance, fiCaks
  2. kuRBuls

    Fanatec CSW v2

    Nice find. Thank you!
  3. Do upgrades work in racenet challenges? I just installed $210,000 engine on my touring catA ADC, and i see absolutely no improvement while racing against my own ghost. Is there a way to make them work in RN challenges?
  4. kuRBuls

    Owned Cars Odometer reset to 0.0MI

    Exactly the same here :( did not search other forum parts before posting. anyway: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3231/high-level-cars-back-to-lvl1#latest