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  1. Maetthu_99

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    From this thread, it looks like most people now have a lot of SC appearances in their career modes. For me that's not really the case. In almost a full season after patch 1.20 (50%, AI around 106), I had a single SC deployed (I paused the game right after an AI retirement and the moment I continued the SC message appeared, don't know if it had something to do with that), although in most races I had 1 to 3 retirements. All because of engine failures but more than enough in places that would justify a VSC or SC. Anyone else has this behavior? I even tried it out with in a new career save, an AI even had an engine failure right before the castle section and parked it very close to the racing line in Baku but still, only a local yellow.
  2. Hi all, I’m having a bug in my game I think. I’m now 10 races into career mode, safety car was enabled all the time. But in all these races, not a single SC/VSC got deployed, even though there were plenty of retirements. To test it I also caused some crashes with several retirements at once and even a blocked track, but still no SC. I get the feeling I can do whatever I want and no SC will get deployed. Does anyone else have this issue as well? I’m on PC, game is version 1.04, but before with version 1.03 it was the same problem. I’m playing with a wheel.