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    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    i was level 94 when mine corrupted,  had 6 cars over level 40 an 2 of em were over 50  an its already deleted an gone an now im back to lvl 65. i had saved back-ups on my other profiles an luckily i did becuase it corrupted the data again an now everytime i go to my save that still works, it'll let me play but then anytime i shut it off an resave it, it corrupts the data again an again...is it something to do with a certain car i own or maybe all the times the games wants to save after u repair or upgrade it wants to save over an over, come on  why cant it just wait an save ur changes at the end of the race like everything does?.. Im feeling too good about a fix neither since they've been workin on it since the first of july an here it is Aug. 4TH   come on guys, find us a fix or give us a dang REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love the grid games with a passion an if it doesnt get fixed  yall will lose alot of business.. nobody wants to keep playin a game that u have to restart every few days. Thanks for ur help an please dont leave us hanging here.