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  1. AI Expert or Legend need to be fixed at 3 major points  : 1- AI slow too much in first corners of a race , it is possible to win more than 10 positions in first corners of 1st lap , so the qualifying session is losing sense . 2- After being  overtaking by the AI  in most of the situations the AI slows down and break too early in the next corner , it's really stupid issue , because I can regain easily the position while he AI continue to struggling behind me. 3- Most of the times I feel the AI faster than me , but the AI is not able to overtake most of the times even with DRS.
  2. Can you tell me if the next gen F1 2015 PC version will be DirectX10 comptabile  or only DirectX 11?
  3. AI need be quicker on the first corner in the 1st lap , even on Legend difficulty.  The AI on F1 2013 were more agressive than previous version it's better , but not enough even with DRS AI struggle overtaking , it need to overtake completely and take some risk if necessary.  Try to fix the bug , after AI overtake human then AI slows down significantly so human can regain position easily  it happend on Legend difficulty too. Give to single player the option from multiplayer , like chose the number of AI , defining the no flags option for the rules too. Make AI crashing sometimes
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