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  1. Hi PJ The two times it has happened to me have been once on the current NR4/R4 monthly on the Australian stages. Last or second last one in heavy rain. May have been Mount Kay Pass Reverse but not 100 percent sure Other time it happened was in a FWD H2 AI daily early last week. Pretty sure it was Ocean Beach Sprint Forward but could have been Te Awaga Sprint Reverse. Once again in heavy rain Have done quite a few stages since in varying degrees of rain (including heavy rain), but have not encountered the Martian death rays Funny enough I just did the same RWD H3 daily in the Lancia that Kjell007 did, and the rain was fine (bonnet cam though) Spooky stuff man Seems random and might be just on PS4 (i'm on PS4 standard) Only started happening since the latest patch that came with the Wales update I will post here when the Martian death rays appear again (I can hardly wait) Cheers and doing a good job PJ
  2. this is an image I grabbed from reddit seems others are having same problem maybe it only affects certain stages because others are fine
  3. hi everyone I had the same thing happen to me twice so far. nr4/r4 monthly on one Australian stage fwd h2 AI daily a couple of days ago in NZ both were under heavy rain conditions looked like angry martians were firing death rays at me or a million fold flock of pterodactyls were taking a dump on my car. way way worse than it was at initial game launch. one for urgaffel I think Oddly enough it's been fine on other occasions when I have encountered heavy rain on other stages at different times almost unplayable when it happens PS4 standard and deluxe owner cheers and fantastic game by the way