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  1. Hi again @PJTierney and @Tranzitive Like I said in my previous post, it is happening to me driving with bonnet cam (the only one I use) It's not car related either because it has happened to me with numerous car classes (RWD, FWD and AWD) And it has happened to me in daily, weekly and monthly events as well as once in career (which I hardly play) I even tried a RWD daily a few months ago that someone posted on reddit they had the rain problem with, and it was fine for me Seems completely random. Not even sure if its just a PS4 problem or other platforms have it (I have seen posts on steam forums about the problem) And most times the rain is fine. There was an initial patch that fixed the dodgy rain that was in the game at launch. There was a second patch after that which refined those changes. I started getting the Death Rain not long at all after that second patch to refine the rain Hope that helps Cheers
  2. Hi @PJTierney and @Tranzitive Have had the LASER RAIN OF DESTRUCTION AND DEATH happen to me 3 times in last couple of months since I last commented here on the problem. Twice in dailies. Most recent was a daily in NZ a week or so ago. Haven't had it happen in monthly or weekly events of late but I always quit out of event only at service or finishing the event. Not sure if this really works or I have just been lucky. @Tranzitive I only drive with bonnet cam so it is causing chaos with that exterior camera angle as well. The other time it happened was in Career but luckily I was at service. Going back to menu and back in again reverted it to normal rain. I don't play career much either. I mainly do dailies, weeklies and monthlies. So IT IS happening in Career (rally) PS4 standard with NO fancy internal Samsung 860 EVO SSD Deluxe Edition plus Seasons 3 & 4 (see I support you guys even though I rarely play rallyx) Love the game and cheers