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  1. 1: I tested this in normal Grand Lrix mode too, and there was no problem in qualifying. 2: i only have seen this in 3 consecutive races in My Team (Mexico, Brazil, Abu Dhabi). After patch 1.10. Not sure this will occure on other circuits in My Team 3: yesterday i finished season 1
  2. A detailed description of the issue. In Q1 there are always 3 or 4 AI drivers who go out on the track, and out of nowhere stopping the car in their out lap. The problem always happens to Verstappen and Leclerc and sometimes other drivers. I experienced this bug three races in a row, after patch 1.10... Report Code KKHT-JAMH-KRRG-BASC Platform PS5 Game-mode My Team What troubleshooting have you tried? I restarted the qualifying session over and over again. And restarted the console after that. Nothing fixes the problem. Any screenshots or
  3. @BarryBL Posted this topic earlier. As you can see, Barry have said they are gonna fix this.. Dont know if its fixed already in new patch 1.07...or maybe later..
  4. Thats frustrating. More players reporting the issue. Think patch 1.06 has done the damage. @BarryBL
  5. ▪️A detailed description of the issue The pace statistic from teammate Dan Ticktum where going up +5 when i invested money in the Facility "Personel", simulator stat. But mid-season, i re-negotiated his contract and the +5 pace advantage was gone from that moment.. Also other improvements as his experience, which is going automatically up during season, set back from 33 to 30... ▪️PS5 ▪️MyTeam ▪️No sceens or video ▪️Offline
  6. Same problem on PS5 in My Team, season 1. Pace stat from teammate Ticktum where going up +5 when i invested money in the personel simulator stat. But mid-season, i re-negotiate his contract and the +5 pace, and other stats where he improved, where gone from that moment.. 🕵️🤔
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