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  1. Can the game simulate this? « Race director under investigation. Causing a collision by not red flagging the session. » oh, just remember now. There is no red flag in the official game.
  2. I agree with all your questions but we pay for f1 2021 not for waiting next year. And quite frankly, I fear they won’t be able to come up with a nice game in 2022.
  3. You should basically use the bug report form because you don’t even give any wheel manufacturer.
  4. CM already replied to this. This is by design. Every year they made the AI level more difficult and cars are going faster! 😜 No, seriously, this is one of the bugs (like lapped cars under SC) that will never be fixed. I don’t know why but that’s it.
  5. Don’s tell the team but there are pictures on social media proving that Jeff fell asleep! Just kidding. More seriously, what do you mean by lost radio communication? We’re you able to speak or invoke voice commands and received no return from Jeff? Don’t you accidentally tell him to stop speaking?
  6. All you will get as answer is « Please fill in the bug report form ». Come on! Do you need this to see it’s not implemented for years now. Next year, we will pay full price for f1 2022 and hope to have it. But you won’t have it. All the teams will be probably working on the next big feature (Braking point 2?) because this generates more sells. Does a game following the official rules of SC make more sells? I think you guess the answer.
  7. Note that with the PS5 version, you will not have support for voice recognition.
  8. We should all follow your advices but every year we even pre-order it from day 1! Sometimes we made great investments on material (seat, wheel base, screens, …) and we cannot enjoy those racing games because of the economic model.
  9. In my opinion, this is the way to play this game for the moment.
  10. I already mentioned this online tool in one of my threats but worth mentioning : don’t forget to set equal performance in TT. And Yes, PJ is right, there is a difference between race and TT but objectively this is very useful if you want to set a correct difficulty on each track.
  11. This is normal to have long numbers with beta versions.
  12. I totally agree with the first suggestion. Why not put a simple graphic underneath the explanation? Is it so difficult?
  13. Stop stupid transfer in career mode I can begin to play!
  14. Totally agreed with you. That’s why, for the moment, I’m only playing a full GP season (no career) to know which difficulty level I should choose and wait for a couple of patches (especially the performance patch) before diving into the career. Without speaking of the stupid transfers you cannot even disable!😠
  15. https://www.f1laps.com/ai-difficulty-calculator/ What do you think of this one? I use it and find it particularly useful.
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