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  1. RS Phil


    They (not CM but FIA) should prefer tracks like Mugello to boring tracks like Singapore and Hanoi but politics ... However it will be difficult to overtake on this circuit.
  2. RS Phil

    Ferrari 1000GP livery

    You can’t expect CM changing their livery every weekend right? Almost each team and each driver has differences on every race. For this weekend, the Safety Car is red. They should be releasing a weekly patch for changes that will be become outdated a few days after. BTW, they should hire more programmers than « artist » or designer.
  3. RS Phil

    Ferrari 1000GP livery

    Don’t you think it’s more urgent to set the right performance of this car rather than a one-shot livery?
  4. RS Phil

    Stop Jeff tutorials when idle in pits

    Jeff represents how a useful feature is implemented in a game by CM. He exists since years now and nothing has changed. Always repeating the same things randomly and without context. instead of developing more Jeff, they deliberately prefer to implement new features for commercial reasons obviously. This is simple as that.
  5. Just check in Russia today and they all did 2 attempts.
  6. Why is the tyre column empty for some drivers?
  7. RS Phil

    Red flags

    It would be a great addition to the game but considering the way they implemented the SC for several years now ...
  8. RS Phil

    Top Speed comparison?

    You’re welcome. Another idea that comes to my mind is using a telemetry software like you can find links in the setup section. Have a nice day.
  9. RS Phil

    Weather forecasts

    It works like the name suggests : it’s a forecast not a pure truth and this makes the race more difficult to predict. This is the way it goes IRL too.
  10. RS Phil

    Top Speed comparison?

    Post it in the suggestion list but it has been asked for several times now. What you can do is follow the cars on camera from the garage and you have some info but no ranking like you suggested.
  11. The last est screenshot is the bug in fact! How can this be? What about Magnussen and Grosjean. They forgot the tyres? Nice idea to save tyres for the race. This is a perfect example to show how unfinished a game can be because this is easily replicable but no one saw this one.
  12. RS Phil

    Weather forecasts

    If it’s by design it’s a good choice because it feels more realistic like that. See what happens in Barcelona and even Spa this year.
  13. RS Phil

    Race Engineer

    Personally I prefer English, because this is the way it goes in real F1 even with French drivers and French engineers. My mother tong is French but I prefer speaking to Jeff in English. The point is here to have a useful Jeff. I race without HUD or any info. So basically, I have to ask Jeff about tyres of other drivers and pit stop information. This is way much more entertaining than only listen to him telling you irrelevant info all the time.
  14. RS Phil

    Weichai isn’t Ferraris sponsor anymore + Wings

    Most important is to update Ferrari performance and set it to Alfa Romeo and Haas and don’t wait a miracle to release an update patch in October like announced.
  15. RS Phil

    New Engine Power Rule - Implications for the game.

    The modification to the rule is not yet certain but if it’s applied it would mean no party mode during qualifications and no push (OT) in the GP. I doubt the game will be updated this year if the modification is applied. The different ERS modes would be useless. The FIA would like to slow down but it’s the contrary that could apply. If Mercedes is unable to use party mode (and other teams as well of course), this won’t a change in qualifications since almost everyone uses it but in the race Mercedes would be even quicker. According to Toto Wolfs, 5 laps without party mode could mean 20 laps even quicker in race.