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  1. Yea, like that helicopter system for replays like in WRC2001 game.
  2. Just playing the devil's advocate here, but what if they're hyping for DiRT4 World Championship 2.0.
  3. This is their abandoned project. I admit I didn't know about this piece of news, but you made it sound like some kind of official return by VW. This is just a "what could have been" by VW. EDIT: I'll tell you something though. If Codemasters don't make WRC, here's a way to get a recent WRC-spec car without the crazy licensing hoops. If they grab this and the C3, like Ubisoft did, we'd be good. Ubisoft got Meeke's C3, just as he's been fired from the WRC, awkward! I wonder if there will be a hasty request to get the name scrubbed off the car? Player One confirmed as the new driver of
  4. That article is very critical, as if they were scolding Codemasters. It's normal to see that sort of criticism from gamers (myself included) but to see such negativity in an official WRC 2 team's website is a bit weird, don't you think?  Maybe they are intentionally talking down codemasters so they can make the next WRC game?
  5. As far as I know, WRC games always feature all rallies of that season. Yeah the ones that had "WRC" in the the game's title had all the rallies afaik, but for example Colin McRae Rally 1-3 had the WRC license, but they didn't have all the rallies from that year when the games were published.
  6. Has there been any news about the next road book and when it might be coming?
  7. If only SLRE would've looked that good...
  8. This happened while I was checking my league's current event. Sooo.. French & Norwegian rallies DLC confirmed? 
  9. The patch bug threads disappeared from the stickied section on the top. Seems like we are close.
  10. Christina told on reddit that the upcoming patch should be available next week or the week after that. 
  11. You forgot to mention all 2017 World Rallycross Championship tracks! And the Audi S1 RX Supercar!
  12. Looks good indeed. Friday can't come too quickly.
  13. I can't pinpoint the exact thing why I feel this way but it just looks somehow a bit funny how the car behaves on that wrc7 trailer. Like it's sped up or something.
  14. Usually it's the showers weather setting that will have rain come and go. But I saw some videos where fog appears out of nowhere and I did not see it by now... I think it is the "Fog patches" weather condition that gives you changing fog levels. At least that's it for me on PS4
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