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  1. What are your guys' thoughts on the idea of using a current F2 driver in a Career Mode for future games? I'd like to do a Mick Schumacher career for example, but at the moment can only do F2 seasons.
  2. Blackout

    Highlights music

    Home > Game Options > Settings > Audio Settings > Audio Volume Levels > Set 'Music' to 0.
  3. Blackout

    Career Mode Menu Image

    Anyone else noticed that the image of the Mercedes being driven at Monaco in cockpit view, the camera is clipping through the headrest on the right?
  4. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I'm curious as to whether anyone else has encountered this issue. I don't know if it affects short qualifying too, but in full qualifying (Q1, Q2, Q3), the AI can change their time even if their lap is slower than their best. For example, say Norris is P8 with a 1:25.8, if he was to do another lap that is a 1:26.2, the game will use the 1:26.2 laptime instead of the 1:25.8 laptime and move him lower down the order. It doesn't seem to affect the player, just the AI.