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  1. Had this exact issue since launch mate, not had any sort of response or help in over 2 weeks.
  2. A detailed description of the issue: Audio in F1 2021 is broken on the base Xbox One. Not as in just the engine or the engineer themselves, no, the entire game, from engine to atmosphere to engineer. It constantly cuts in and out and is very choppy. Any session, any game mode, as long as you're on track driving or in the garage it fails. Jeff's audio also doesn't work if you're in an Xbox Live party and in conjunction with this, the issue seems to be worsened as a result of being in a party. Report Code: HMDM-MGJC-HMAV-GTEG Platform: Xbox One (Base) Game-mode: Any mode that i
  3. Experiencing the same issues since day 1 of playing the game. Audio on the base Xbox One is really buggy, and when in party chat it is substantially worse. Audio cuts off and on, with large timespans of up to 5 seconds of complete silence. Jeff is also completely silent when in a party, meaning subtitles are required to be able to actually interact with him. As a player that plays with no assists, audio is a key factor in being able to actually drive the car, meaning these large gaps in sound make it almost impossible to do this. I can't stress enough how much this ruins an otherwise great gam
  4. I get what you're saying mate, however the cars behind me all crossed the line after me, no one crossed after the chequered flag before me.
  5. I don't believe so mate, I'm not sure. If you mean pure track time, I'd assume not. I did leave it paused for 20 or so minutes around half way, but not sure that affected anything?
  6. I finished P14 in a 50% race around Bahrain in round 1 for Williams, after a two stop using mandatory compounds. I crossed the line on the lead lap 18+ seconds ahead of P15 and 2+/- seconds behind P13, however when the race finished and took me to the results page I was classified P19 and a lap down, the only reason I wasn't last is because a Ferrari had DNF'ed with a couple of laps to go. No Safety Cars or VSCs, no penalties. Report Code: EBJX-BMBS-GPJJ-GXEG Platform: Xbox One Game-mode: Career Mode (Driver)
  7. Seen a couple of other's with the same thoughts, will the option to disable AI driver transfers be re-added this year? Feels like they happen way too easily and frequently, half way through the first season and 8 seats have changed around. Perhaps a slider like the Safety Car chance - off, reduced, default, increased - could be an idea?
  8. Bloomie01


    No, she didn't compete in Formula 2 last season.
  9. Experiencing the exact same issue mate. Can live to deal with it offline as there's flashbacks if needed, but online it can make it almost unplayable, with periods of sometimes 5+ seconds of complete silence.
  10. An issue me and a friend have experienced individually, when driving in any mode or any track/car combination, all of the games audio will just completely cut off for random periods of time. Sometimes it is quick and not a huge issue, however occasionally it can last over a period of say 5 seconds, meaning driving is made a lot harder as there is no audio cues for gear shifts etc. There have also been times that the engineer's audio no longer functions, so they only way to interact is reading the subtitles until the game is restarted. Platform: Xbox One Report Code: JXTV-PXPT-KRXC-GX
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