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  1. @ChrisGrovesMCM Will GRID Legends have a Polish translation because in the origin store it says yes, and steam that it will not be
  2. @BarryBL hi, do you know something, maybe this challenge (finish the race on the podium 41 times) will be repaired by the end of the series because since the last Maintenance progress is not counted and I only have this challenge
  3. I have the same error, it already existed right after the premiere of the game, then they fixed it in some Maintenance and now it does not work again since the last Maintenance, maybe they will fix it on Monday after Maintenance
  4. A detailed description I just started the game and I see my avatar as Carlos Sainz, his number 55 and his Spanish flag, when I was creating the profile, I had a Polish flag and No. 88 does not use any modifications in the game I have his avatar and start number also in the time trial This happens every time when I want to change the nationality flag or the driver's number, the game will change my avatar face to Carlos Sainz. Report Code Platform? PC Steam Game-mode? Customization Time Trial [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum use
  5. Hi, it's not a problem, the game will finish downloading as soon as it's unlocked
  6. Please add the new Anti-aliasing as it is in F1 2019 sharpening TAA and FidelityFX the hunger game is much nicer with FidelityFX than with TAA itself
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