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  1. https://www.trueachievements.com/n40510/dirt-rally-2-0-colin-mcrae-flat-out-dlc-achievements
  2. I honestly think that the inclusion of "You stage" would be great. Ok, the hand crafted stages are good but, is no possible to add "Your stage"? The technology has already created, and the game would have a huge content...
  3. -----------------------------------------
  4. @KickUp Finally, what happened with famously "Mystery location"? You said it will be a mystery, can we expect a surprise location with the launch of the game? Thanks for your feedback 
  5. Cataluña looks very promising. Great work. The worst rally in my opinion in DR was Germany
  6. I've only one question Mr. Coleman: Is MYSTERY location a random rally stage? Is a secret location you don't want to reveal yet?  I honestly think the "Your Stage" system is great, however there is few locations to play... I wouldn't have any problem to pay for several location DLCs, I know you're not very fan about DLCs, but it's really a pity we have 2 excellent games (I don't have any dude Dirt 4 will be great if you keep Dirt Rally physics) with so few locations... thanks for your feedback and sorry for my english...
  7. Is sure there will not be more rally locations? In this video (00:39") https://youtu.be/NvWXaJYQkiM?t=39 you can check there s another location: MYSTERY...
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