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  1. Just a suggestion but did you or anyone else especially the host leave and come back into the session at all?
  2. This was an issue in last year's game (PS4) and was mainly caused by accepting an online game invite before starting the game first. If you did this and you didn't know you had to restart the game when the game asks you to make a new avatar or else it would overwrite your previous saves if you proceeded. My only advice on this until it can be fixed is if you start up the game and it asks you to create a new avatar do not continue close the game restart your console and your save game hopefully won't be overwritten. I remember going through this and it happening again but not creatin
  3. Lewis would say this is pretty accurate. 🙃
  4. That's strange have you any devices nearby your console like a a phone/sky box anything that could be interfeering with the signal with your controller.
  5. Have you tried testing your inputs in settings/controls vibration feedback/edit/calibration/press and hold touch pad. There you can test your inputs. Hope this helps find your problem.
  6. Setting up an unranked lobby practice session works you can do a 60 min practice session but if you want to progress to qualy and the race you need a human to join the session set cars to equal of course.
  7. My number one rule when it comes to rain is always go off your own Dry setup when setting up your car. I have Dry/Inters/Full Wet setups. I also do seperate practice sessions in those 3 different conditions by seting up an a unranked lobby with AI set at what you would play against in career mode (invite only) as you mostly get people joining then leaving which then leaves there car in AI on track which can get annoying . Plug and play setups have never worked for me and what ever you do definetly do not use TT setups for career or online mode unless you know it's a decent race setup by someon
  8. My workaround is pressing L1-R1 rapidly while setting up my fov not ideal but better than keep exiting the menu's. Please codies give us back our triangle.
  9. I know last year the vsc delta would jump from minus to plus very quickly especially at hairpin corners but this isnt the case for me in 2021 just stay patient and try to stay .5 minus the delta it is no as bad as last year.
  10. Ive also noticed this and makes customising my camera not so easy. I've got a little workaround for this but its not ideal. I quickly press my R1 and R2 buttons on my contoller which hides the menu for a small amount of time. @Henricus12
  11. Even if not first selected there's a chance you could join midway through the beta if I remember rightly they did this in last year's game. As a sidenote I'm surprised it took 4-5 days for this question to be asked to be fair 😄. Good luck to everyone though and hope whoever gets in respects the privaliage of being selected.
  12. Fully deserves a day off for his birthday all the best buddy @BarryBL.
  13. Quickly looking back resets the raindrops in off-set camera for a workaround not ideal but works atleast.
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