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  1. smudger1982


    I'm a pad user using auto gears and try and compete in online league racing and there's definetly pros and cons in using auto gears. one of the cons are if your competing against an able manual gears user he/she as more flexibility in short shifting in and out of corners and producing more torque from the engine as they have the freedom of which gear they choose to be in at any given moment and in turn that can save you on ers deployment usage and stores at a better rate also (that's even more noticeable when using no traction control because your not just mashing the loud peddle as much). The 0.3-0.5 sec prediction is my opinion only through comparing my times on average to players I know that use manual shifting please don't take it as gospel @sloppysmusic. And I'd like to add I totally agree that said player SHOULD be faster as the've worked harder practicing there racecraft and should be rewarded for there efforts. Now we're it gets merky is the good old argument about a non assist wheel user and a non assist pad user again from what I've witnessed myself and is only my opinion the pad N/A user has a noticeable advantage with traction compared to the wheel N/A user ( caused i think because the pad as what as been described as in the past "built in" traction) but in turn the wheel user as better tyre wear rate due to having smoother inputs coming in and out of corners. I realise know why most wheel users see there a*se when they know there getting beat by a pad user and totally understand when they have paid £200-£300 for just a basic wheel and pedal setup against a pad that can be bought plug and play for £30-£40.
  2. smudger1982


    I'd say on average there's between a 0.3 and 0.5sec difference per lap between auto and manual gears on a pad if you can master it with ers and fuel mix.
  3. smudger1982

    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    @1512marcel here's the last thread I was in about this issue as you can notice it's from early November last year.
  4. smudger1982

    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    It's been happening to loads I race in leagues with also mate. It was raised in the technical area patches ago and is still in the game. All I can say is like I learnt twice over you know for next time.
  5. smudger1982

    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    You would of needed to of done it before loading in your new created avatar that wipes your previous saved data soon as you create it. That's why the third time round I did it I realised and didn't go past the avatar page I just shut down my ps4 and thankfully my previous save was still there that time round.
  6. smudger1982

    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    This as happend to me on the ps4 both times because I accepted an online invite before starting the game first. The last time I did it I realised and shut my ps4 down when I was on the create avatar page and thankfully my in game settings were saved when I restarted the game.
  7. smudger1982

    F1 2019 - PS4 DualShock controller issue

    I've had the same problem also I figured out my ps4 was too close to other stuff like my tv youview box which was interfering with my controller signal to my ps4. Since moving my playstation I've had no problems. This may not solve your problem but worth a go if you have devices anywhere near your ps4 . Hope this helps mate. @itomic
  8. smudger1982

    Wheel vs. Pad users on Singapore

    First of all theres no need to be embarrassed about what AI you use especially using a wheel as you do. A good idea is to share what wheel you are using as there maybe someone on here with the same one and maybe could share there settings for ffb and inputs to help you out. I'm a pad user myself so i couldn't help you any further in this. Hope you get the right answers matw.
  9. smudger1982

    F1 2019 not working on PS4 CM please read

    Im not to sure if this will work but Have you tried to restore licences Settings/account management/restore licences.
  10. smudger1982

    F1 2019/2020 Suggestions

    I'd like to suggest for the multiplayer car online lobbys that we could see an option to view each others car/suit and helmet designs in the menus before the race weekend starts. Only a small and to some irelavent idea but one that could be added in future titles maybe. @BarryBL
  11. smudger1982

    Poll: Laser Scan...

    Which of the tracks are currently laserscanned do you know because I thought only France was the only one. I'm looking forward to future releases now SMS data is involved but i got a feeling it wont be until the next gen consoles are released that we see this happen. I hope I'm totally wrong of course .... unless you know something we don't @UP100 @barry1 @BarryBL
  12. smudger1982

    Pit Limiter question

    You need to brake and slow down yourself aswell mate I try to press the limiter while braking then when you go to accelerate it won't go over the limit it's all about timing. Go to a practice session in grand prix with flash backs on and practice for each track you want to race it's all trial and error. also the pit assist option is to do with pit release when making your pit stop it doesn't involve pit entry. Hope this makes sense and helps you.
  13. smudger1982

    Is this the final version of the game?

  14. Nelly as come up with some valid points in the past if I recall correctly in 18 she was rightfully requesting rear wing damage and random engine blowouts among other missing things in the game you should listen to @NellyFurtado she talks perfect sense..
  15. smudger1982

    Nead help,thanks...

    I'm a pad user myself there are pros and cons for both. The main advantage for wheel users I've found is they can better look after there tyres on a long stint as @UP100 says that be due to a smoother input of the wheel then there's the advantage of the wheel when it comes to shifting gears manually and all other mfd inputs as your racing because believe me using a pad shifting gears and changing mfd settings with no T/C or abs is a ball ache. I'm no pro myself but if you can master no assists and manual geats with a pad it's as fast if not faster. Than a £300 wheel setup.