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  1. smudger1982

    Pad vs wheel car setup

    I'm intrigued to know if there are any car setup settings I need or could change when it comes to tuning my car I'm currently using a ps4 pad for now until I've saved myself enough to buy a wheel.
  2. smudger1982


    Are you talking about wings or ride height mate ??
  3. smudger1982


    If this is possible outside of Codemasters HQ and done by a gamer at home with a fraction of the resources it begs the question does'nt it. Great work @FIE
  4. smudger1982

    Game Accessibility - Colors [R2]

    @RedDevilKT and @Hoo are the ones apparently covering for faya since she left her post.
  5. smudger1982

    Ranked DEAD due to Safety Rating

    I've given up going on ranked or unranked mode the penalty system is a sham that's why I've joined a couple of proper leagues who live broadcast there races on YouTube with commentary and proper post race stewards inquirys if you have video proof of your incidents if intrested I'm currently racing for trans-nation esports and I've got a test race tomorrow to join invictus online racing both cater for assist/non assists drivers and are currently recruiting new drivers it's honestly the best thing I did because otherwise your racing against either 10 year olds or grown up numptys 95% of the time.
  6. smudger1982

    Pad vs wheel car setup

    I'm currently a ps4 pad user is there a massive difference when it comes to car setup and tweaking my car what would be recommended to look out for and maybe change to compensate the wheel vs pad.
  7. @Zachrulez i know its a ball ache but Had you done a mid session save inbetween practice qualy or the race itself ??
  8. @ptank20 and me @smudger1982 says... 😆😆 RedDevilKT
  9. smudger1982

    European Racing Series [Tuesdays 19:00 BST] Looking for more drivers

  10. Platform.... Game mode/settings.... Multiplayer car/f1 or f2 @Zachrulez fill in the blanks mate and maybe also put in technical thread will help the Devs with your issue.
  11. smudger1982

    European Racing Series [Tuesdays 19:00 BST] Looking for more drivers

    Hi I'm intrestested in joining your tier 2-3 league I've already got discord and tried putting your code in the search new server section but stays on the same page without searching @EURacingSeries
  12. smudger1982


    Well that came out the blue @Fayasad to hear your leaving us thanks for all your efforts and all the best in your future plans. Matty
  13. smudger1982

    Suggestions to Codemasters

    Seems though YOU get penaltys and minus licence points for these "crashkids" hitting into YOU that would make that system flawed. The penalty system needs looking at first.
  14. smudger1982

    Weekly Event Assists not Correct [SG]

    Ps4 and there were 18 drivers in my session @Hoo