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  1. smudger1982

    Equal performance on offline - Grand Prix Mode

    90 mins practice is what you can do unless someone joins the session it kicks you after that.
  2. smudger1982

    Anyone use a PS4 controller with no traction control?

    What as helped me also with this is bumping up my steering linearity. At first until I got a good feel for it I went up as much as 5 but gradually being able to tone it down to 3 and tend to use 1-2 for tracks like monaco were you need more snappy steering inputs. It has helped me with more stability out of slow corners due to not having such twitchy inputs in my steering. I wouldn't recommend going much higher with this setting as it does make your steering more dull at times when you need turn in. My throttle linearity is between 25-35 depending on which track. Hope this helps @TylerRunsThis
  3. smudger1982


    Ps4 is live now..
  4. smudger1982

    No assists

    Adding to your steering linerty makes steering less twitchy I wouldn't go much higher than 5 as it will make steering feel dull but it does help with smoother inputs when turning. Like I said go to Time trial and play with these settings until you feel comfortable.
  5. smudger1982

    No assists

    I'm also new to no traction this year with a ps4 pad what as helped me with this is under the controller calibration tab ive bumped up steering linerty initially to 5 then gradually turned it down to what is now between 2-3 as I've got used to it. I feel this helps with snap oversteer on corner exit. Ive also bumped up throttle linerty again initially up to 35 at first to get confidence and now currently I'm using 10-15. I suggest going into a time trial session and playing with these settings and if you can do 5-10 laps without spinning your halfway there. Hope this help you buddy. Happy racing ✌
  6. smudger1982

    Gearbox failed at first race

    You need to put this in the technical assistance part of the forum try look if there's a thread already made before creating a new one and put it in there so to help the Devs with having multiple threads on the same issue. https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/111-gameplay-issues-and-bugs-ta/
  7. smudger1982

    Lack of handling change for tyre wear / wing damage

    I punctured my front right tyre and could still go full throttle there was a bit of inbalance driving the car but no were near enough.
  8. Even though I'm seeing that abs is the smart way to go I refuse to go back I'm down to just auto gears and corner only line. I chose to strip away assists for the first time this year and im not as fast as yet but with more practice I feel I could surpass previous years with some more time and patience.
  9. smudger1982

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    I've come across this online @CarloLewis https://www.google.se/amp/s/updatecrazy.com/f1-2020-update-1-04-patch-notes-for-ps4-pc-xbox-one/amp/
  10. smudger1982

    Amazon F1 2020 HardDisk Preorder Query

    Just the one code mate I'm on playstation and just had to redeem it in the PS store then recieved my bonus in game when I loaded it up.
  11. smudger1982

    Amazon F1 2020 HardDisk Preorder Query

    There should be a code inside your case to redeem in the playstation store.
  12. smudger1982

    Williams/Mercedes old liveries still in game?

    It was discussed in the beta that the williams was ready to go and would be available come the day 1 patch but the mercedes was put on codies at the very last minute like @GTRraser.at says and will take a bit longer to add into the game. Im guessing also it won't just be the car livery that needs changing it be the pit crew and cut scenes etc.
  13. smudger1982

    Forum Update | Thoughts & Suggestions

  14. smudger1982

    What is Broadcast Mix under Audio Options?

    Basically "on" means you will hear sounds which you would hear watching t.v or "off" means what the driver actually hears in the cockpit like engine noise and lockups. I personally turn it off as I want to hear what you would if you was sat in the cockpit. 👍
  15. smudger1982

    "optimal" controller calibration/settings?

    For smoother inputs if using the 12 o clock method with the thumps sticks I think the best way is 12-11-10-09 o'clock for left turns and 12-1-2-3 for right turns I see it on a youtube video if I can find it I'll post it was in German though if I remember rightly. @Scrogg @Scrogs