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  1. smudger1982

    Is this the final version of the game?

  2. Nelly as come up with some valid points in the past if I recall correctly in 18 she was rightfully requesting rear wing damage and random engine blowouts among other missing things in the game you should listen to @NellyFurtado she talks perfect sense..
  3. smudger1982

    Nead help,thanks...

    I'm a pad user myself there are pros and cons for both. The main advantage for wheel users I've found is they can better look after there tyres on a long stint as @UP100 says that be due to a smoother input of the wheel then there's the advantage of the wheel when it comes to shifting gears manually and all other mfd inputs as your racing because believe me using a pad shifting gears and changing mfd settings with no T/C or abs is a ball ache. I'm no pro myself but if you can master no assists and manual geats with a pad it's as fast if not faster. Than a £300 wheel setup.
  4. smudger1982

    Intentional Crashing - Ranked Matches

    I'm in this league mate but in tier f3... f2 and f1 tiers are no assists great set racers join there discord and they will you signed up the league owners name Is Brett. @RPMazing
  5. smudger1982

    Safety car

    There was a suggestion to not use flashbacks in race if i remember correctly and it works as normal apparently. Hope this helps
  6. Wow guys...... give the man a chance he's been in the job a week or so and within that time he's been more active than any Dev for f1 since I've joined this forum back in 2016 which says alot. He's been up front and clear when answering any queries aswell there's only so much he can do within his job title. I can accept all games have some sort of problems but not getting any feedback or response from game company's is not. It's quite obvious codemasters have heeded that advice from customers alike and for that I'm grateful.
  7. smudger1982


    That sounds like racers that are cheating by pausing the game and letting the AI take over for them mainly done for the start of the race for a better take off and in corners when they are battling with other players. Sad but true the extent of some people go to to get there trophy 😑
  8. smudger1982

    New Developer Liaison

    Welcome @BarryBL and good luck in your new role within codemasters there as been a lot of frustration within these forums for the lack of interaction and to a certain point broken promises since the launch of f1 2019 hence the above posts by users who have gone beyond there means to help you guys make this game a better experience and all it seems to them a waste of time because of the lack of communication or acknowlegment of there efforts. Your introduction sounds encouraging though and look forward to the future and hopefully a more transparent outlook between you guys and us the paying customer.
  9. smudger1982

    Car Setups for xbox one F1 2019

  10. smudger1982

    All data saved lost bug. Ps4

    This could do with merging with the post already out with this issue @RedDevilKT.
  11. smudger1982

    Steering issues

    It's totally your preferred choice. If you feel comfortable doing it that way and you feel more confident in your steering go with that. I Personally don't but I have seen people use that method on YouTube videos. @IronIsHard
  12. smudger1982

    Steering issues

    I have my steering linearity around 15 feels much smoother @IronIsHard
  13. smudger1982

    All data saved lost bug. Ps4

    I've had the same hapoen to me on ps4 was in an online league race at China got booted out the session had to restart the game as it had crashed in the process quickly got back in the session and all my settings and setup completely wiped safe to say I had a terrible race having to use default car setup then realised mid race all my buttons and other settings had been remapped to default settings lost all my multiplayer car livery designs which I spent hours on doing I'm only just catching up with car setups as I go along with my online league. This happend soon after the patch before the hotfix one had been added..
  14. smudger1982

    Hotfix - Patch Notes for 1.16 – Discussion Thread

    Anyone on Xbox tried out this new update is there anything apart from what's been stated in the patch notes or should I say patchnote seriously hope they've tried sorting out the more obvious lagging in online multiplayer mode since 1.15
  15. smudger1982


    Things like this needs to be better explained in game I've been playing f1 games since the early 90's codemasters have had the rights to the game since 2010 so since then I've always thought a e.g. 4-4 ride height were at an equal level there's no rake in my mind (when not knowing any different) because it's the same value in numbers. I've mentioned before maybe last year's game that when it comes to setting your car up there needs to be an actual diagram showing and explaining what each click of the slider button actually does to the car just like in dirt 2.0 which is a codemasters product so surely can be interigated. Thanks for your response though that snippet of infomation as helped me understand more that part of the setup.