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  1. My workaround is pressing L1-R1 rapidly while setting up my fov not ideal but better than keep exiting the menu's. Please codies give us back our triangle.
  2. I know last year the vsc delta would jump from minus to plus very quickly especially at hairpin corners but this isnt the case for me in 2021 just stay patient and try to stay .5 minus the delta it is no as bad as last year.
  3. Ive also noticed this and makes customising my camera not so easy. I've got a little workaround for this but its not ideal. I quickly press my R1 and R2 buttons on my contoller which hides the menu for a small amount of time. @Henricus12
  4. Even if not first selected there's a chance you could join midway through the beta if I remember rightly they did this in last year's game. As a sidenote I'm surprised it took 4-5 days for this question to be asked to be fair 😄. Good luck to everyone though and hope whoever gets in respects the privaliage of being selected.
  5. https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/111-gameplay-issues-and-bugs-ta/ You need to report this here 👍
  6. Fully deserves a day off for his birthday all the best buddy @BarryBL.
  7. Quickly looking back resets the raindrops in off-set camera for a workaround not ideal but works atleast.
  8. This guy as great advice on how to set your car up for a race and goes through the details. Subscribe to his channel and you will see he as various videos.
  9. This thread as great info for setting up your car.
  10. This was a problem in last year's game which was caused mainly when you accepted an invite without first starting the game first. I learnt after that if you restart the game before you go on and create a new avatar and profile it wouldn't overwrite your previous save. I know this doesn't solve your problem but keep in mind if it happen's again. @ZeroNihilus
  11. Dedicated servers Co op season An Overhaul of the penalty system (not hopefull on this one as EA don't seem to even know what offside is or what a decent tackle is in fifa. Career mode not to be abandoned as like in fifa also the games are catered for the ultimate team fan boys so is nearly Hopeless in single player mode. Microtransactions not to be too excessive.
  12. I Would just like to say thanks guys for adding the feature were you can change your on-off throttle and tyre pressures between sessions under Parc ferme little change but makes a massive difference and more true to the fia rules. 👏👌
  13. There is the option to create an unranked practice session (90 mins max) you can add AI if you want but is not a requirement only thing is you can't proceed to qualy or race unless you have another player joining you in the lobby. If you need help setting this up just give us a shout an I'll walk you through setting up a lobby in unranked.
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