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    F1 2014 reviews

    Poor reviews,that's good and bad...Good because maybe Codies listen to us from now.Bad because i want to play this game but it seems a bad game,with no immersion.
  2. MrSave07

    F1 2014 release dateS

    It's because the GP is close to the release of the rest of the world and because the publisher is namco bandai or bandai namco...
  3. MrSave07

    F1 Camera Expectations

    Loved this mod *-*
  4. In real life Hamilton would be second at the end of first lap :blush: 
  5. MrSave07

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    I liked this crash video but i can't open the other video
  6. Codies graphics aren't the best but i expect a very good visual game
  7. MrSave07

    This is what F1 2014 should be like

    I think we should wait next gen game to make comparisons with AC or PC
  8. MrSave07

    New F1 2014 Screenshots

    Finally new images...I don't care  about steering wheel being "wrong",this year's game isn't important to me,i'm looking forward to 2015 release. But for you who cares about it,it's a shame and i understand your frustration
  9. Yeah,finally good news from CM,hopefully will see more things when 2014 be released
  10. CM knows that 2015 game is their last chance to recover,that's why i think they'll do a great job,from physics till immersion in career mode.
  11. lol if they don't,it would be a back step from codies,they know that we aren't happy and Project cars will steal some f1 gamers...they have everything to lose
  12. Yeah,but they can produce a game better in graphics. I expect a huge improvement at visual damage and physics and really hope that they coe back with live the life career,that email system is such a bad thing,no immersion...
  13. MrSave07


    You re lucky you're not in Brazil...here this copy and paste game is about 45 dollars
  14. MrSave07

    Sochi 'Hot Lap' with Torro Rosso!!!

      Lack of information/interaction is the worst plan ever. They should be showing F1 2014 since may,and revealed that next gen F1 will come out next year sooner than they did. Hope they learn the lesson and next year advertise their game properly.
  15. MrSave07

    Wheel HUD what it have?

    Yeah,it can be sector times but unfortunately isn't like toro rosso's real life wheel
  16. MrSave07

    1 setup for most tracks just like every other F1 game

    Thanks man,just reduce a little the gears and its perfect to Alber Park
  17. MrSave07

    What new engine will add to the game?!

      That would be great
  18. MrSave07

    What new engine will add to the game?!

      Yeah,..now its the time to improve the game and reconquer players that were pissed about last gen games.People who plays Rfactor,PROJECT CARS,dont have a  career as code's F1,so some improvements would be enough.
  19. MrSave07

    Whats about COOP???????????

     Yeah,hope its in the game but i think they are worried about next gen F1,so we have to wait and see
  20. MrSave07

    What new engine will add to the game?!

    Hatta i believe that code is doing a good job on F1 series and i'm excited to see the next gen F1. We,players,just want Code to pay attention some aspects of the game,as AI,career,better online services,physics...so if u have the opportunity to show our opinions to all developers would be nice and would help delevoping the game. :smile: 
  21. MrSave07

    Pick a team....any team!!

    Toro Rosso *-* Who begin a carrer with mercedes and then move to other team?
  22. MrSave07

    What new engine will add to the game?!

      Yeah,there is a chance of having some bugs,nonbalanced AI,and other things. I'm really trying to believe that they are working on this engine at least 2 years,and that they already have the control of the situation. I'm expecting a large step from them and a great game for all players,from the casual to the pro in spite of being a casual game till now.    I hope there isnt large amount of bugs as F1 2013..
  23.   I think the Evaluation System will help who play offline.I played offline for a while and didnt keep up the pace against AI but online is very competitive