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  1. Well,i play on pad and with all assists off(only racing line on) and my pace is equal or slower than wheel players. I think that steering assist is the problem,when it's activated you're much faster..But if you turn it off and play with TC and ABS on,you're slower than with TC and ABS off. So the problem is steering assist.

  2. Excellent review. My opinion is:

    Game is the best of the series so far,it's fun.
    - Handling is fun to play and turbo makes losback of the car but pad users has some advantages.(They gain almost 2 seconds)
    -AI is more agressive but their pace at the 1st lap is too slow,and they dont try to overtake if you defend one time.

    In general F1 2014 is good and fun for all kind of players IMO. Hardcore players should be little dissapointed with some things but is better to play than 2013.