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  1. nick4414

    Changing Corporate Sponsor?

    Thank you for that. I know the screen you are talking about so will take a closer look at it once this season ends.
  2. nick4414

    Changing Corporate Sponsor?

    Really? Where do you do that? Never seen the option.
  3. nick4414

    Changing Corporate Sponsor?

    I'm curious if its even possible to change the primary sponsor in this game? I've had the same one since the first season, and was hoping to change it now to one with better rewards at the end of the season, rather than the one I chose at the start for simply finishing a season. Is this even possible, and how?
  4. nick4414

    Do the AI ever crash?

    Just curious to hear other peoples experiences on whether the AI have ever crashed in any of your races? I get a few retirements, but after 15 races into my first season, I've never seen an AI driver actually have an accident. I've turned off damage at this point as it was only ever me that suffered from it being on.