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  1. Ditto on the RBR physics there. Re point 1 - I'd quite like a 'masochist' mode with Dirt Rally 3.0 - something that can randomly retire you from a rally, or cause car health issues, which hasn't been caused by you - just something that factors in real-life unreliability that wasn't caused by the driver.
  2. Yes to all of this. A Mazda 323, Toyota Celica ST165 and 185 and a Mitsubishi Galant VR4 would be great. I'd also like a Vauxhall Nova and an Astra. I also wish they could just do a bit of extra 'tweaking' to provide more offers with the cars they have. They've got an Audi Quattro - give us a Coupe Quattro They've got a Pug 205 - not too much work to add a 309 GTi They've got a Lancia Integrale 'Deltona' - very easy to make an HF4WD and an Integrale They've got a Sierra (still don't know why it's an RS500?), - not too much work to make a Sapphire 4x4. Throw in
  3. Right, Here's my wishlist... I make no apologies for wanting to recreate the rallies I watched as a kid (so late 80s GpA). 1 - Toyotas. Please. Late 80s Gt-4 and some of the early 90s ones too. 2 - PLEASE let me select all the cars I want in a rally. I'd love GpA, some of the RWD ones and the 205 and Golf. 3 - Can I change the names please? I play offline and would love to see M Alen on a list! 4 - Let me use different stages from different rallies to make my own rally. 5 - Would it be possible to have Group N versions of cars? Would be really simple to
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