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  1. Right, Here's my wishlist... I make no apologies for wanting to recreate the rallies I watched as a kid (so late 80s GpA). 1 - Toyotas. Please. Late 80s Gt-4 and some of the early 90s ones too. 2 - PLEASE let me select all the cars I want in a rally. I'd love GpA, some of the RWD ones and the 205 and Golf. 3 - Can I change the names please? I play offline and would love to see M Alen on a list! 4 - Let me use different stages from different rallies to make my own rally. 5 - Would it be possible to have Group N versions of cars? Would be really simple to have a de-tuned Escort RS Cos, Sierra, VW Golf etc etc. Slightly different handling, possibly different interiors, almost identical exteriors and a lot more options available to us. 6 - Could some country's stages be 'alterable'? How about the Monte stages with gravel in the summer? Germany with dirt and possibly snow? Wales with snow...or dust? Etc etc. 7 - Long stages. Like 'really' long. Think Mobile 1 Rally Challenge style. 8 - My dream, I want a late 80s RAC Rally spectator stage!