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  1. That type of ignorant grammatical knowledge is shocking in a major game release. I work in a school and 11 year olds know the difference between 'of' and 'have'.
  2. I did some experimenting and compared it to real qualifying results. A difficulty level around 78,79,80 will give the AI real life qualifying pace as far as I can tell. One result for example: Baku 110 AI pole time = 1:36.2 This year's real pole = 1:41.2
  3. Problem is that the AI do accelerate on kerbs and then pull half second on you in the traction zone. The rules which apply to real players don't seem to apply to the AI. The AI are overpowered in this year's game.
  4. How is this not in the game from the start? Codemasters are a joke.
  5. I have played F1 since 2015. I play cockpit, no assists. 99 AI on a Fanatec. I play lots of driving games including ACC. This year's game is possibly the most frustrating I have ever played. Handling: oversteer and understeer. There are moments when the car simply will not turn and in attempting to compensate for this, the car will then violently oversteer and spin. Throttle: I have played with no assists for six years and I know how to use my throttle pedal. This year's game has sudden throttle spikes which can send you flying. Sometimes it's fine. Sometimes it's
  6. I pointed this out about a month ago when the Youtubers started showing their own gameplay and they all start their video with 'this is an early build and things will get patched.' I called it out on this forum that they are all clearly told to say that and that nothing ever gets fixed. This year's game seems to have actually removed features that need to be re-added along side creating a raft of bugs and glitches. It's Codemasters all over. Recycled game produces the same problems. I'm sick of it. We deserve to be treated much better than this as we are the ones who buy and
  7. Going flat through the Monaco tunnel in the season one My Team car is a challenge this year. It understeers into the left hand wall and yet if you correct it you oversteer and crash on the right.
  8. Bauer

    Never been so slow

    Have to agree. I normally play on 99 but this year I can't even beat my team mate on 95. The AI's acceleration out of the corners is extreme.
  9. AI put up a good fight. The sound of the Honda engine.
  10. Press the throttle gently and practise.
  11. My first My Team race at Bahrain 50% had three safety cars. I didn't have that many in a whole season of 2020.
  12. I would rather Codemasters put effort into making the game realistic - improving the tracks, car performance etc - than a story mode.
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