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  1. Since 2016, I have used 95-99 difficulty. This year, I have been forced to reduce it to 85. I have been comparing in game AI qualy times and fastest laps in the race with real life times. At Monaco on 90 difficulty, the pole time was three seconds faster than the real life time - and the fastest lap during the race was two seconds faster than real life. Even to just simply keep up with the AI at Monaco you have to be doing qualy times which leads to hitting the barrier. Then you go to Paul Ricard and can easily beat the AI by over a second on the same difficulty. AI difficulty is very p
  2. All assists off is considered the fastest way of driving. When you spin off and re-join, your tyres overheat and won't grip. You have to drive slowly to cool them down.
  3. Abu Dhabi AI are BROKEN. They are about three seconds faster than the real life drivers on 90 difficulty.
  4. I honestly thought I was the only who felt like the game deliberately tried to stop you from doing well. I feel you can be P1 in all three practice sessions and then scrape into the top ten in qualy. You can be on to win a race - then it rains - and all pace goes and the AI are superhuman. You can be on to win a race and then a kerb which you have navigated just fine for the past twenty five laps suddenly sends you spinning into the gravel.
  5. Getting some team orders over the radio - or be told your team mate will let you pass.
  6. Whoever you took the place of at the start of the season will replace you. For example: if you drive for Alpine and Ocon is your team mate - then you switch teams - Alonso will replace you
  7. I think it is down to fuel load. The AI don't seem to be affected. Your car will feel better at the end of the race because it is lighter.
  8. Unless Codemasters stop copying and pasting, I won't be buying next year's game until a big sale. This year's release was an utter joke: Online unplayable missing circuits killer kerbs ridiculous driver transfers 'story mode' ghosting in career same Jeff lines over and over and over inability to hide the menu when adjusting the camera position I know some of this stuff has been patched but it took months. Lesson learnt: never buy a Codemasters game until it has been out for over half a year.
  9. Season One is incredibly slow in terms of progress - I think scoring even one point in the first season is an achievement. Don't feel down about it - I think it is meant to reflect a true to life slower progress of the back marker teams.
  10. Every year, since 2015, I have played career mode - completing multiple seasons. I have put hundreds of hours into the games. Because you can't turn driver transfers off this year, I haven't even started my career and I will not start it if I can't disable them. I have stopped playing 2021 and have been playing 2017 instead as that is my favourite. I feel the transfers ruin the game and if they still can't be disabled in next year's version, then I will not buy it.
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