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  1. Inconsistent grip. F1 2019 career mode - the game has a habit of turning off grip entirely once the tires are at 20%. Inconsistent and unrealistic lock-ups. Certain corners cause the car to lock-up no matter what. Lock-ups sometimes happen when you release the brake - rather than applying it. The AI wet tire pit strats are a joke. The AI are underpowered at Austria and Russia.
  2. USPBauer24

    Dumb driver swaps

    I've turned them off.
  3. USPBauer24

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    I keep the halo on. You honestly don't see after a lap or two.
  4. USPBauer24

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Driver transfers OFF OFF OFF Praise the Lord!!
  5. USPBauer24

    real lap times

    I always found that 94 / 95 / 96 was true to life.
  6. USPBauer24

    F1 2019 Next Patch Wishes

    Option to turn off driver transfers in career.
  7. USPBauer24

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I hate these driver transfers. I hope they get removed somehow or we can switch them off. THEY SUCK.
  8. USPBauer24

    Monaco hairpin

    Go out to the right hand side on approach and turn early in 1st gear. Your left front tyre should touch the kerb and you will need full lock to get around.
  9. USPBauer24

    Driver swaps mid-season? Really?

    Gasly drives for Mercedes in my career now. Heh. GG, Codemasters.
  10. USPBauer24

    Let the player choose how to play the game

    Couldn't agree more. I HATE these driver transfers. I wish I could turn them off. It is ridiculous that half way through a season, Hamilton is leading the championship and he moves to a midfield team! What a load of nonsense. Seeing drivers in wrong racing suits and the wrong cars is terrible. I actually PM'd Faya asking if we can turn them off or perhaps there might be an update adding the option to turn them; she has read the message and ignored me. Why we can't have more in game options after all of these I will never know.; for example: number of laps. Why can't I have a 4 lap race or a 6 or 7? Just basic options to adjust would elevate the game by miles.
  11. USPBauer24

    Need help. I am to slow...

    Setup can help. Experiment with different gears in different corners. Try short shifting whilst accelerating out of a corner too.
  12. I would like to disable driver transfers if possible. I do not like seeing an unrealistic grid. Any help appreciated. Many thanks.
  13. USPBauer24

    Is there dirty air on F1 2019 Multiplayer?

    I feel like you lose downforce when you are following closely behind someone.