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  1. Yeah. It's broken. Has been for a few years. Codemasters don't care. One of many issues.
  2. USPBauer24


    I changed my flashback settings from off to on and it fixed the issue. I have now had a safety at my last three races.
  3. USPBauer24

    Remove 3 tracks and add your own 3 .

    I would remove Hanoi. I would replace it with ANYTHING.
  4. USPBauer24


    I only play driver career mode and I was up to season 4 and had seen one full safety car and a couple of VSCs. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled then started a new career and got a safety car at the first two races of the season. I honestly believe the safety car is bugged in this game.
  5. USPBauer24

    Practice program struggle

    The quali programme is beyond broken and always has been. I can sometimes beat it by a second and be top in that session and then my real quali is awful - or - I can't pass it at all but then I do well in quali. There is so much wrong with this game.
  6. USPBauer24

    A.I. Legend vs Ultimate

    I tried 99 then 100 and they went from easily beatable to god mode so....
  7. USPBauer24

    Race starts are too easy?

    Increase your difficulty and see of that changes things. Gears are important during the race start so I guess auto gears is helping you - try with manual.
  8. There's a safety car in this game?
  9. USPBauer24

    Qualifying tips

    Put minimal fuel in before you go out.
  10. USPBauer24

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    I recommend the Ferrari F1 wheel instead - the buttons are more easily accessible and it has the rotary dials for ERS and fuel.
  11. USPBauer24

    Engineer whispers in garage?

    Yes! I thought I was going mad hearing them say random things! Sometimes they just say odd words - and one even yells 'ohh'.
  12. USPBauer24

    From pad to wheel

    My advice would be to turn off all assists from the start to avoid becoming too used to them. Just do laps in time trial. It takes a while but you have to keep at it.
  13. USPBauer24

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

  14. USPBauer24

    1.13 patch is out

    Have they fixed the incorrect weather report? Have they added the safety car?
  15. USPBauer24

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Anybody have any updates on this?
  16. USPBauer24

    Manual race start (assists off)

    As the lights come on, rev to about about 75% - once the lights go out, ease your foot of the throttle and the tyres will grip - you will start going forward then shift up as normal. You will fly off the line. Easing off the throttle mid-launch seems bonkers but it works well.
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    I'm getting better at F1 2020........

    It's such a great feeling when you make progress. Great work, mate. Keep pushing.
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    2000th bug report topic celebration.

    My comments focus on the game - if you don't agree then I respect that - but please do not make personal comments towards a forum member.
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    2000th bug report topic celebration.

    I find it insulting that a free game - Warzone, for example - gets an update at least once every couple of weeks yet the F1 games can go a couple of months with nothing until eventually they stop completely because next year's game is the new focus because gotta make more money! I can't believe the engine nerfs only happened last week. Current issues for me as a mainly career player: The safety car doesn't exist The weather screen shows it sunny when it's actually bouncing down Jeff explains the practice programmes to me for the 1000th time during Abu Dabi in Season 5 AI don't do a second hot lap in quali The safety care doesn't exist The track acclimatisation gates go red when you drive through them The safety care doesn't exist and the safety car doesn't exist. Oh and the game's reuse of cut scenes and voice lines from the last four years is cheap. And there's no safety car.
  20. USPBauer24

    Choose teammate in Driver mode

    As I understand it, you always replace the number one driver - a silly decision, in my opinion.
  21. USPBauer24

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    Thought we could share the voice lines from Jeff -or anyone else - that really grind our gears. Upon failing the quali practice, I simply hate it when he says "Well..."
  22. USPBauer24

    Safety car laps

    What safety car?
  23. USPBauer24

    Driver acclaim

    Mine stopped at 7.
  24. USPBauer24

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    The way Jeff says 'be ready with the clutch' gives me the creeps.
  25. USPBauer24

    Utterly Broken Career Mode

    I have just finished a very long first season in the McLaren: cockpit view, no assists, 99 difficulty, full quali and 50% races. I finished 9th in the Championship, beating my team mate and have constantly had feedback along the lines of: 'you are beating everyone's expectations...' and so on. My acclaim has reached 7 and seems to have stopped. I have spent so many resource points developing the car for season - and adapting the regulation change parts and now have been told by the agent that I have been fired and demoted to Williams. What the hell Codemasters? Why have I bothered? Why have I had no indication that the team isn't happy? Why I have I been dropped from the fourth fastest team to the least fastest? I come home exhausted from my job everyday to enjoy this game and this nonsense happens? I hate this 'you can be fired' rubbish. It's MY game. I paid £65 for the Schumacher edition. I will decide what team I drive for and I will decide when I move teams.