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  1. I play on full damage as I read that is what the AI use - they seem to have titanium front wings sometimes.



  2. Do you use the same engine parts for practice, qualy and the race?

    I always change my engine parts before qualy to spread my wear across all of them. I am about to race at Canada and all my components are still green. 

  3. I have turned flashbacks off and take DNFs to keep it as realistic as possible.

    I did about 30 laps of practice for Monaco the other day - qualified 9th on full qualy  - then crashed on lap 3... was gutted but I took the DNF. First of my season. 

    The kerb on turn one spun me into the wall. Same line I had done through practice and qualy but then the game decided...NOPE! You will no longer have grip and I shall spin you. 


    I can understand someone taking a flashback for something like that.



    I raced at Baku tonight - qualified 13th and was up to 10th by lap 6.

    Jeff then decided to randomly shout in my ear during the braking zone of turn one and I grazed the wall and broke my wing.

    Had to do the full lap and lost a lot of time. PItted onto hards and was stuck 15 seconds off the back of the pack for around 15 dull and lonely laps. 

    The AI made their pits and I managed to gain some positions - the hard tyres started to come to life with about 4 laps left and I finished P7. Chuffed.

    Not using a flashback made the result all the more fulfilling. 

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  4. On 9/8/2020 at 7:58 AM, Ultra3142 said:

    I should think we can be pretty confident that future F1 games will have the same adjustment?

    I would like to think Codemasters update their throttle and power application settings year to year...but this is Codemasters we are talking about.

  5. Don't start changing throttle linearity because you will get used to that and put you at a disadvantage for other games ad future F1 games.

    Turn the TC off, go into time trial and just practice. You will spin and spin and hate it but there will come a moment where it just clicks and you will know how to control it.

    The pedal being sensitive is actually a good thing because you will be able to learn to use it to accelerate faster out of corners.

  6. I also experienced this - still not sure why - I thought maybe it's affected by your engine choice? That is the only thing I could come up with. 

  7. I went through the same decision - Because the PC version does not support the mouse to navigate the menus, I went with PS4. 

    As I understand it, both run at 60fps. 

  8. He's ended the stream. He wasn't doing too well - he said he wasn't used to the wheel enough yet and missed the detail of his direct drive setup. 

    He didn't seem to have any technical issues though and it appeared to work just fine. He was on PC. 

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  9. Albon the AI has crashed into the safety car twice in my fist My Team season alone. Once in Austria then again in Mexico. Totally destroyed his car. 

    I've also seen AI cars get oversteer/lack of grip out of corners.

    I think we need more AI mistakes/crashes in practice and qualy.

  10. 8 hours ago, marioho said:

    Not sure. Looks like disabling transfers will also disable contract negotiations for you, the player, too. You wouldn't be able to change teams in your career. I'm not sure if that is by design or just a ill implemented mechanic.


    I hate this. It needs fixing. 

  11. The wheel app maybe the settings screen when you plug the wheel into your PC. From there you can adjust lots of the wheel's features. 

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  12. I feel that certain corners are scripted or coded to force the car to have a lock up.

    I have a fair amount of experience in the F1 games and feel confident in my use of the brakes without ABS and therefore confident that I know how to avoid lock ups. 

    There are times when, no matter how you approach the corner, the game is going to make you lock up regardless  -  this is even more pronounced when the game applies a lock up when you take your foot off the brake. 

    It's like the game has coding along the lines of:  'if the player is doing X speed at a certain point in the braking zone, force a lock up' - and then ignores your inputs altogether. 

    I feel COTA is a good example where this happens a lot but there are other tracks too. 



    On a side not - I just 'no commented' all of the reporter's questions and received a teenage attitude head roll/eye roll response which I have never seen before!