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  1. The quali programme is beyond broken and always has been. I can sometimes beat it by a second and be top in that session and then my real quali is awful - or - I can't pass it at all but then I do well in quali.

    There is so much wrong with this game. 

  2. As the lights come on, rev to about about 75% - once the lights go out, ease your foot of the throttle and the tyres will grip - you will start going forward then shift up as normal. You will fly off the line.

    Easing off the throttle mid-launch seems bonkers but it works well. 

  3. 55 minutes ago, tarrantino said:

    You cannot compare Warzone to F1 that’s ludicrous. Also I’ve had the safety car many times so your childish repetition is false. 

    My comments focus on the game - if you don't agree then I respect that - but please do not make personal comments towards a forum member. 



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  4. I find it insulting that a free game - Warzone, for example - gets an update at least once every couple of weeks yet the F1 games can go a couple of months with nothing until eventually they stop completely because next year's game is the new focus because gotta make more money!


    I can't believe the engine nerfs only happened last week. 


    Current issues for me as a mainly career player:

    The safety car doesn't exist

    The weather screen shows it sunny when it's actually bouncing down

    Jeff explains the practice programmes to me for the 1000th time during Abu Dabi in Season 5

    AI don't do a second hot lap in quali

    The safety care doesn't exist

    The track acclimatisation gates go red when you drive through them

    The safety care doesn't exist

    and the safety car doesn't exist.


    Oh and the game's reuse of cut scenes and voice lines from the last four years is cheap.



    And there's no safety car. 



  5. 1 hour ago, BarryBL said:

    To play devil's advocate here a little. I empathise for your situation @USPBauer24, however, there are a LOT of variables here that have not been added:

    •  Your performances in the last few races
    •  Your performances relative to the teams and team-mate expectations. 
    •  The teams expectations can change relative to car performance. Did you advance up the grid in terms of car performance? 
    •  Did you beat your rivals?

    More details will give me more chance to measure on what exactly happened. There would have 100% been a reason for this, and not be a unprovoked change.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. 

    I remember in the 2019 version the team would give you objectives and you would have a team value bar which went up and down to give you hints towards the team's view of you - this seems to have been removed for 2020. I don't know what the team expects - but of course, I always go for the highest result possible. 

    My highest result for 4th and lowest was DNF in Singapore. I have regularly scored points and have been in the top ten of the championship leader board for the whole season. 

    Renault had a power boost on the R&D charts later in the season and often took P5/6/7 which I am aiming for.  My results have consistently been in the low to mid points. 

    I think finishing 9th in the championship with 94 points is highly respectable for a McClaren - much higher than my team mate. 

    I think if the team weren't happy and wanted to fire me then fine - but it was the way it was done - a cut scene of the agent literally shouting at me about how I'm a threat to her career and how I should be thanking her for getting me a place at Williams. The cut scene was horrible and extremely aggressive. 

    If I am to be fired, at least let me negotiate with other teams who may be interested - again, something that seems to have been removed from this year's game. I remember you used to have value vars for all the other teams.

    I'm just really disappointed with how it was handled and presented. 

    I strongly urge Codemasters to remove the ability to be fired from the game. 



  6. I have just finished a very long first season in the McLaren:  cockpit view, no assists, 99 difficulty, full quali and 50% races.

    I finished 9th in the Championship, beating my team mate and have constantly had feedback along the lines of: 'you are beating everyone's expectations...' and so on.

    My acclaim has reached 7 and seems to have stopped.

    I have spent so many resource points developing the car for season - and adapting the regulation change parts and now have been told by the agent that I have been fired and demoted to Williams. 

    What the hell Codemasters?

    Why have I bothered? Why have I had no indication that the team isn't happy? Why I have I been dropped from the fourth fastest team to the least fastest?

    I come home exhausted from my job everyday to enjoy this game and this nonsense happens?

    I hate this 'you can be fired' rubbish. It's MY game. I paid £65 for the Schumacher edition. I will decide what team I drive for and I will decide when I move teams.