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  1. 4 hours ago, sjsharp2010 said:

    or in my case on, on,on as I don't have a problem with them and I kind of like the idea of ma bit of a mixed up grid so I'll be leaving driver transfers on. They made a good decision of giving us the option given some are happy with it while others weren't so this suits both sides. I've not had any in my career yet but the possibility it can happen and mix the grid up is good for me and how I want to experience the game.


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  2. Couldn't agree more. I HATE these driver transfers. I wish I could turn them off. It is ridiculous that half way through a season, Hamilton is leading the championship and he moves to a midfield team! What a load of nonsense. Seeing drivers in wrong racing suits and the wrong cars is terrible. 

    I actually PM'd Faya asking if we can turn them off or perhaps there might be an update adding the option to turn them; she has read the message and ignored me. 

    Why we can't have more in game options after all of these I will never know.; for example: number of laps. Why can't I have a 4 lap race or a 6 or 7?

    Just basic options to adjust would elevate the game by miles.

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  3. I like that -i t is great for seeing the mirrors. I think the driver would probably be sitting a little lower as the wheel is normally about chin height. 

    Very different from my cockpit settings - I have the camera very close to the wheel it almost takes up all the bottom of the screen. I can't see the mirrors and the top of the halo just blends in with the top of the TV screen. 

  4. I was safety rating B after my placement games and a high silver in skill.
     Then I started joining lobbies with similar safety and skill levels.....
    Let's just say I'm not where I was.
    Still full of idiots - people parking in the pit lane entry - people wheel banging your back tyre to spin you...
    DIVEBOMB!! Then they drive off and you're left in the wall.
    Just awful.