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  1. Multiplayer? The original poster said he DIDN'T like being smashed off the track.
  2. USPBauer24

    F1 2021

    New (recycled) game in order to make more money.
  3. USPBauer24

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I play F1 every year. No assists. Full career mode. Fanatec wheel. I take it seriously. I normally pour hours and hours into each year's game. With 2020, however, I have found myself not enjoying it. There are many reasons (these are my personal reasons and I appreciate not everyone will agree): lack of safety car impossible practice programmes overpowered AI qualifying times floaty feeling car with unpredictable and inconsistent throttle response incorrect weather forecasts AI ramming you Hanoi AI overpowered during wet weather crossover period I could go on. Again - people will disagree and that is okay - but my lack of enjoyment of this year's game has led me to look back at the previous year's instalments. I have downloaded F1 2017 and OH MY GOODNESS - it is FANTASTIC! The cars feel real. They feel weighty and powerful. You really have to drive them and work them hard to get round the track. The AI seem to have a brain. They move to defend and pull along side you rather than ramming into the back of you. I drive in cockpit view and you can see the wing mirrors without distorting the field of view. Down-shifting has a real power behind it - there is a sense of the mechanics slowing the car down I wanted to make this post to maybe help anyone who, like me, have not enjoyed this year's game. Give an older version a try.
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    Driver Career - Williams - A Few Questions/Issues

    He stopped talking about the MFD when I reduced him but this is a Codemasters game and consistency is not in their vocabulary.
  5. USPBauer24

    Driver Moves on/off help

    Possibly after the final race of the season.
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    Driver Career - Williams - A Few Questions/Issues

    You can turn Jeff's settings down in the options. By default, I think his verbal frequency is 'everything'. By switching it to 'reduced' or 'critical' (I think that's what they are called) he won't talk as much. Season 10 and you're winning the championship and Jeff explaining the HUD or the practice programmes for the zillionth time really starts to grind your gears!
  7. USPBauer24

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I'm halfway through my 2017 career mode and it is clear that Codemasters haven't bothered recording any new Jeff lines for years now. I honestly can't recommend 2017 enough to anyone out there sick of 2020. It is fantastic.
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    Sick of the constant panhandling (1.16)

    One of many reasons why F12020 sucks.
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    From Pad to Wheel with No Assists - Gradual or All out?

    Turn everything off. It will be incredibly difficult for the first few hours but it is worth it. You will never be your fastest otherwise.
  10. USPBauer24

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    Project Cars 2 and the First Assetto Corsa had some good F1 style cars. I think the Assetto Corsa game had the 2017 Ferrari as DLC.
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    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I think George will have a very good insight and respectable view on the 2020 game due to his real life experience. I think he compares 2020 to last year's game whereas a lot of the discussion in this thread has focused on 2017 and 2018. He suggests it is much more 'realistic' but doesn't seem to elaborate on what he means by that so we can't be sure if he means the handling model or not. I fear he may be being positive simply as he is in an interview situation which is being played on Sky Sports and would probably want to avoid saying anything negative about the game. All that being said, as my first post highlighted, not everyone is going to agree which is the beauty of discussions and opinions. I'm not sure I'm going to change my opinion due to George Russell's interview but I am happy that there is an F1 game out there for everyone.
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    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I'm happy that someone else has enjoyed a play on the older games. I have been completing a new 2017 career mode and have downloaded 2018 ready to go for the next season. I've had such great battles with the AI; watched the AI make errors and had safety cars! (shock!). The most important aspect has been the feeling of the car: I feel like it is actually on a road and it has weight to it. Shifting down gears into a corner is so satisfying! There's a real growl to the mechanics. I am glad someone else has mentioned the floaty feeling to the 2020 cars and the unpredictable throttle - I thought it was me and my setup and equipment.
  13. Yeah. It's broken. Has been for a few years. Codemasters don't care. One of many issues.
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    I changed my flashback settings from off to on and it fixed the issue. I have now had a safety at my last three races.
  15. USPBauer24

    Remove 3 tracks and add your own 3 .

    I would remove Hanoi. I would replace it with ANYTHING.
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    I only play driver career mode and I was up to season 4 and had seen one full safety car and a couple of VSCs. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled then started a new career and got a safety car at the first two races of the season. I honestly believe the safety car is bugged in this game.
  17. USPBauer24

    Practice program struggle

    The quali programme is beyond broken and always has been. I can sometimes beat it by a second and be top in that session and then my real quali is awful - or - I can't pass it at all but then I do well in quali. There is so much wrong with this game.
  18. USPBauer24

    A.I. Legend vs Ultimate

    I tried 99 then 100 and they went from easily beatable to god mode so....
  19. USPBauer24

    Race starts are too easy?

    Increase your difficulty and see of that changes things. Gears are important during the race start so I guess auto gears is helping you - try with manual.
  20. There's a safety car in this game?
  21. USPBauer24

    Qualifying tips

    Put minimal fuel in before you go out.
  22. USPBauer24

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    I recommend the Ferrari F1 wheel instead - the buttons are more easily accessible and it has the rotary dials for ERS and fuel.
  23. USPBauer24

    Engineer whispers in garage?

    Yes! I thought I was going mad hearing them say random things! Sometimes they just say odd words - and one even yells 'ohh'.
  24. USPBauer24

    From pad to wheel

    My advice would be to turn off all assists from the start to avoid becoming too used to them. Just do laps in time trial. It takes a while but you have to keep at it.
  25. USPBauer24

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5