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  1. drKotasz

    F1 2019 Next Patch Wishes

    Rebalance skill rating system.
  2. drKotasz

    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]

    If somebody from the Codemasters team responsible for the multiplayer part of the game could share their thoughts on the issues discussed here that would be very much appreciated. After all the game is made for us, the players if I'm not mistaken. The players have voiced their concerns, it's time to hear the developers' opinion!
  3. drKotasz

    Monaco tyre managment program impossible?

    Just completed my Monaco career GP (season 1). I am on the wheel and I could do the programme without any issues. Monaco hardly eats tyres as it's mostly slow speed corners. It's definitely a pad related issue then.
  4. drKotasz

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    The transparency of the HUD elements can already be individually adjusted. Could this be maybe extented to the halo itself?
  5. drKotasz

    No MFD header option in F1 2019

    Problem solved. It's possible to set the MFD header transparency in the Customise OSD menu. Actually, any HUD element can be set transparent individually. This is better than what I originally requested. Thanks Codies :)
  6. Ok this time I followed your instructions to the letter. And it worked! Now I can practice freely, thanks!
  7. drKotasz

    RANKED RACES - Setups not saving after Quali [ZX]

    Fixed in the latest patch. Thanks Codies!
  8. All right. I'll give it one last try. I didn't do the save/load settings step. Maybe that'll do the trick..
  9. Last night I set up everything exactly as you said. Maximum number of players 2, added an AI car. It doesn't work. There's no ready button, only "awaiting players". It's not possible to ready up until a second player joins. If it's really possible on PS4 it means the PC version works differently.
  10. drKotasz

    No MFD header option in F1 2019

    No it's not. I am on the PC. I know it's available on PS4. This is precisely the reason I think it should be easy to implement this feature. It already exists.
  11. drKotasz

    Classic Grand Prix weekly event

    If somebody from CM could react to this it would be very much appreciated.
  12. Fantastic man. Thanks for your help :)
  13. drKotasz

    No MFD header option in F1 2019

    Codies could we please have this option? Thanks.
  14. drKotasz

    Classic car multiplayer suggestion

    Codies can you guys please take a look at this?