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  1. drKotasz

    Weekly event ERS bug?

    Just finished the Suzuka weekly event. Everything was the same: I had manual ERS in practice and qualifying, then it switched to auto in the race. Please fix this...
  2. Can you opt out of crossplay in Fortnite? - Yes. Can you opt out of crossplay in Call of Duty? - Yes. So could it be feasible in F1? - Most certainly!
  3. They could also make crossplay optional. The part of the community that is worried about PC advantages could opt out of crossplay. Those who want to have a larger, common player pool could still enjoy the benefits. This way everybody gets what they want.
  4. Really? Then read this: https://uk.ign.com/articles/2019/10/02/ps4-cross-play-exits-beta-now-a-full-feature-for-developers?sf110020051=1
  5. Long gone are the days when console makers were reluctant to allow crossplay on their games. In the new era several heavyweight titles have functioning crossplay. F1 should join them! It would be a dream come true for multiplayer... Shorter wait times, larger lobbies, joint leaderboards, friends not segregated anymore by platform.... Codemasters, please implement crossplay in F1 2020!
  6. Before the last update to the skill rating system I had virtually given up on playing ranked. Having read the changes I decided to give it one last try. Here are my observations: * The end of race skill points given seem fair now. It highly correlates with my race performance. If I crash out of a race due to bad driving or others hitting me, the points lost now are nowhere near as much as before. * Safety rating of S basically guarantees you will be up against fair racers. I did more than 10 ranked races in a row in a lobby where everyone had S rating without getting rammed or pushed out of the track once. All overtakes I performed were perfectly in line with the rules, nobody behaved dangerously. Also, the guys who overtook me always acted reasonably and gave me enough space. * Reached Gold skill rating in 2 days All in all, the skill rating system is working as it should now. The safety rating system serves its purpose. Ranked races are fun at last! Well done, Codies. Please keep the current system intact in F1 2020, as well!
  7. drKotasz

    Weekly event ERS bug?

    I played the Sochi weekly event yesterday. Exactly the same happened. I had manual ERS in practice and qualifying. Then I had auto IRS in the race. Can you please fix this in the next patch? I don't want to use manual ERS until the release of F1 2020
  8. drKotasz

    Weekly event ERS bug?

    This has happened to me before. When I was playing the earlier weekly online events I noticed my ERS was set to auto. I thought I had forgotten to set it to manual. But this last event (Singapore) I made 100% sure it was set to manual. I did the practice sessions and qualy with manual ERS, fine. But when the race itself started, my ERS was auto. Does anyone else have this problem?
  9. drKotasz

    F1 2019 Next Patch Wishes

    Rebalance skill rating system.
  10. If somebody from the Codemasters team responsible for the multiplayer part of the game could share their thoughts on the issues discussed here that would be very much appreciated. After all the game is made for us, the players if I'm not mistaken. The players have voiced their concerns, it's time to hear the developers' opinion!
  11. drKotasz

    Monaco tyre managment program impossible?

    Just completed my Monaco career GP (season 1). I am on the wheel and I could do the programme without any issues. Monaco hardly eats tyres as it's mostly slow speed corners. It's definitely a pad related issue then.
  12. drKotasz

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    The transparency of the HUD elements can already be individually adjusted. Could this be maybe extented to the halo itself?
  13. drKotasz

    No MFD header option in F1 2019

    Problem solved. It's possible to set the MFD header transparency in the Customise OSD menu. Actually, any HUD element can be set transparent individually. This is better than what I originally requested. Thanks Codies :)
  14. Ok this time I followed your instructions to the letter. And it worked! Now I can practice freely, thanks!