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  1. Yeah, in terms of the overtake, it's Riccardo's corner. The issue with the AI is that if this was @ABR Ryann97 making an overtake (hypothetical, I know), Ricc would still move across the track to defend on the inside too late.
  2. The AI are great to race this year. I think it's an area that's been improved game-on-game over the last few years. In your Canada clip, you haven't left enough room on the left and effectively pinched him to the wall. In the Baku clip, he's moved under braking and I think that's something that happens too often with the AI. It happened last year in F2 and it seems to have made its way to F1 on this game now.
  3. Loving this livery from the store with the block of silver. The onboard looks great, though I don't have a screenshot of that. Colours are 175/240/50 and 175/240/150.
  4. What do you have your settings at? I'm new to using a wheel and also struggling with tights, slow corners.
  5. Teammate is Jack Aitken. Engine is a Mercedes. Difficulty is on 95, full qualy and 50% races.
  6. With the new contract system in career mode, I was also hoping that the F2 career had an impact on which teams would sign you. Like with MyTeam, finishing well could give you more acclaim. Win the F2 championship and you could sign for anyone (though driving for a big team would be more risky); sit in the midfield somewhere and you might get a drive for a lesser car. It's a shame there isn't any more depth to it, though I'm enjoying driving as my own character in F2.
  7. Sorry, my mistake. I'm still on 1.01. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Still very much waiting for 1.03.
  8. I've just noticed that the Podium Pass is greyed out again, so maybe it's been taken down to rectify the problem? Either way, bed time for me and I'll try again tomorrow! 😅 Hoping patch 1.03 comes to Xbox soon too.
  9. I haven't received my 15,000 coins for pre-ordering the Michael Schumacher edition. I have the DLC installed along with the game but it's yet to load. On Xbox One, game version 1.03.
  10. I take it from this change that ERS management in FP1-3 will be gone. Will it be replaced by something else or the points system adjusted? I use auto ERS anyway as managing fuel is enough for me! As some have said, it's like a return to the KERS function but slightly more complex, which I like!
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