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  1. Pepski


    Teammate is Jack Aitken. Engine is a Mercedes. Difficulty is on 95, full qualy and 50% races.
  2. With the new contract system in career mode, I was also hoping that the F2 career had an impact on which teams would sign you. Like with MyTeam, finishing well could give you more acclaim. Win the F2 championship and you could sign for anyone (though driving for a big team would be more risky); sit in the midfield somewhere and you might get a drive for a lesser car. It's a shame there isn't any more depth to it, though I'm enjoying driving as my own character in F2.
  3. Pepski

    AI difficultly

    Exactly this! I'm varied through the first third of the calendar, decent through the middle and then absolute garbage at the back end (bar Interlagos). Also, people tend to race their favourite tracks or tracks they're good at online / in Grand Prix mode. You make yourself better at the tracks you're already good at and neglect the ones you're not. For this reason, I will never be less than 2 seconds off the pace at Sazuka. 😂
  4. Pepski

    Same items in Item Shop

    Same issue with the challenges. Just a timer issue. I imagine it's an easy fix! 👍🏻
  5. Pepski

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    As @SomaticCoast375 said above, Codemasters' Twitter account have confirmed it's at 4am BST so will be there in the morning, already updated if your console is set up for that kind of thing. Hopefully 1.03 soon as I think this will be just the Williams livery. I'm tempted to hold off on MyTeam until the patch and start again. Focus on online for now!
  6. Pepski

    Podium pass eta?

    It's up on Xbox too. Though I don't have any PitCoin. EDIT: I caved and bought 11,000 coins. Hope I get my 15,000 too. 😂
  7. Pepski

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    Sorry, my mistake. I'm still on 1.01. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Still very much waiting for 1.03.
  8. Pepski

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    The beta version doesn't have anything to do with the full release though. If they'd had daily updates for the beta, it would have finished on 1.42 or something to that effect! The full game started with 1.01 and we'll get 1.03 as soon as CM can sort whatever Microsoft's issue is.
  9. Pepski

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    My mate had this issue in Australia. 90 AI which is usually about right for him and he beat Hamilton by 6 tenths. He changed the difficulty to 95 and it seemed to sort itself out for the next race, with him at the back.
  10. Pepski

    Has the AI got harder this year?

    I raced on 100 last year and could be 0.5s ahead of my teammate in career. Now I'm matching Jack Aitken on 95. 🤯
  11. Pepski

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    I've just noticed that the Podium Pass is greyed out again, so maybe it's been taken down to rectify the problem? Either way, bed time for me and I'll try again tomorrow! 😅 Hoping patch 1.03 comes to Xbox soon too.
  12. Pepski

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    I haven't received my 15,000 coins for pre-ordering the Michael Schumacher edition. I have the DLC installed along with the game but it's yet to load. On Xbox One, game version 1.03.
  13. Pepski

    F2 in the 2020 game

    The game will have the 2019 F2 grid as it needs to for career mode and MyTeam. In the latter, you'll be able to select an F2 driver from last year to partner you in F1 - minus Latifi, of course, who will be at Williams. I can't remember what time of year CM added the latest F2 roster but I'm sure it'll be part of a later patch.
  14. Pepski

    Rejoining league races (and online)

    Amazing! I feel like I need to quit out of my next league race to try this out. 😂 Thank-you.