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  1. Seems my post saying its ridiculous was deleted, if the mods found it racist perhaps I should include an image of myself next time 😛
  2. Merc really need to turf out Bottas and put in a driver who can even attempt to challenge Lewis. Right now with them dominating so much, it makes it even more boring when you know only one of them is going to win the title. 1988 McLaren dominated but with two top drivers the season was still very good and enjoyable. Having one top driver and one paid lacky to let him past really makes the seasons long and boring. I don't care who they put in the car but someone who'll make the season a battle please.
  3. If I buy the Schumacher edition does it show him on the title screen or is it still Lewis and Seb (nothing against them but a bit tired of their mugs on the game) Thanks
  4. Probably done that to get you to buy the new one ..which still features F1 bugs that were in F1 2014. but hey the "drip drip drip" of new features gets people tossing yet more money at them. lol
  5. tbh saying Codies F1 games are simulators is beyond hilarious, they are arcade and dumbed down for the masses.
  6. in no order: Ronnie Peterson, Gilles Villeneuve, Francois Cevert, Stirling Moss, Tony Brooks, Clay Regazzoni. People saying DC are just being silly, lol no.
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