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  1. Thanks that gives me some good ideas!
  2. Thinking of getting a racing wheel for console (ps3). What kind should I get and how do you set it up? Is there a "cockpit" you can buy for mounting the wheel and pedals etc. What do you guys use? Thanks
  3. Makes sense I didn't even think of that....
  4. Has anyone else here experienced being in a room online where something about the gameplay just didn't feel right? I'm not going to name names because I have no proof but something was not right. Cars would crash and / or wipeout and then immediately respawn and then catch up immediately and pass me but flashbacks were turned off. Race after race every car would blow past me like I was standing still. I'm not the greatest driver by any means but I've been playing this game long enough to hold my own for the most part. Anybody else experience this or am I just losing my mind?
  5. Same here, game freezes on the second lap in the same spot every time. I'm using the loaner though...
  6. @berre‌  Thank you, that's what I was thinking. This time when I corrupted all my racenet challenges for this week are still intact unlike the last couple times I've lost everything. This is ridiculous.
  7. I hear people saying that they've found a work around for the save file corruption on the ps3, can someone provide a link or explain?  I heard on guy say that he just sells all his cars before saving. And since you don't know if the save file is corrupt until you load the game, the cloud service is useless also. So should I just back up to a different location every other time I log off, that way I should have at least one good file in theory?
  8. a way to turn off the online ID's above the cars? It's very distracting and blocks my view of the track.
  9. yep, same thing here on ps3 . cars randomly resetting and having to buy all the upgrades...... Again. Now my save files corrupt. Month and a half of online racing, 2 million in credits and 12 cars..... All down the drain. Back to gt6.
  10. corrupt save file. Back to the beginning. Unbelievable.
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