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  1. Additionally, for the mercedes team, the radio call for pitting should be changed from "BOX BOX BOX" to "HAMMERTIME".
  2. Indeed, very noticable handling upgrade. I like it a lot better now, feels more direct with less understeer and the overall grip feels better. Somehow there's now more 'feeling' to the car when driving. Good job!
  3. This should be a new key feature in f1 2022. Career mode as a safety car driver, for sure!! Where you begin the season driving for the medical car, then get an offer for the safety car and **** off Lewis as you never exceed 200 km/h.
  4. Oh, well I did not (yet) encounter any approaches from other teams myself ... Unless codemasters programmed Russel's behavior to have the hots for the player and therefore follow him wherever he or her may go, this seems awkward indeed. Don't know by hard, but it's possible that I read it somewhere that this could be bug.
  5. Codemasters, when is Portugal and Turkey coming ?? 😂
  6. Yes, a few times per season there's a window to negotiate contracts. Then you can try to suck your current team financially dry or approach other teams. And every window there seems to be transfers from other drivers too. Some do even retire (like Alonso lol) and their spots are often filled with someone from the f2 season.
  7. Well on PS5, I have noticed a slight visual improvement when they re-enabled lingeray tracing, but nothing breathtaking. But gameplay keeps running very solid and smooth with it enabled, so I left the feature on.
  8. Pdexter


    :-) Well, I do find myself indeed often ending up with that balanced setting in the middle, but fiddling with a more specific setting could give you an advantage in overtaking sections. Or just that little time less per lap to keep the driver behind out of the DRS zone. 😉
  9. Pdexter


    Yes you're right though, Negative camber is when the top of the tires lean inwards. But -3.50° is more 'negative' camber than -2.50 ( -3.50° this is the maximum angle in degrees that the top of the tires can lean inwards.) So you can say "-3.50° is the maximum negative camber possible". The game does confuse this by setting MIN and MAX on the wrong sides of the values imo.
  10. Pdexter


    Thanks for the additional info! Here's also a good explanation video on how camber works: (not specifically for the game, but an overal good video) https://youtu.be/VC9E1PWokcY
  11. Pdexter


    Well it should be that - 3.50° is the MAX NEGATIVE CAMBER and -2.50° is the MAX POSITIVE camber. -3.50° means the top of the tires lean the most inward, -2.50° means the top of the tires lean the least inward. -3.50° gives less tire friction on straight lines, because the surface of the tire that touches the road is at it's minimum and more sideways. This will on the other hand give more tire surface contact when turing at higher speed and thus more high speed grip. Because the body roll during that speed pushes the chassis outward and this will push the surface of the outward tire a
  12. Ok so during career mode, I began the 2nd season of the full championship, During the race at Silverstone, the pit window opens but when entering the pit lane at the right speed with pit limiter activated in time, the AI takes over as usual but suddenly begins turning to the right, hits the barrier, then resets and does it again over and over again over the whole lane entry with no correct pitting at the box. So race over and had to stop the session. Had this bug during the first and the second season.
  13. Well, although the feeling is pretty solid on a (ps5) controller, there is a difference since the prevrious one. Of course it's the dual sense now which does imo feel it has a 'longer' travel distance both on the triggers as well as the sticks. So I get this feeling too especially like Mexico, the quick turns mid-section, the response is too slow in changing direction at high speed, even when adjusted in te controller schematics. I also feel that this year you have to be in the 'right gear' when turning. I often prefer to takes high speed turns just a gear higher to avoid wheels
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