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  1. You are completely wrong. Go look at the time trial leaderboards on the 360 at any of those tracks apart from Germany. Top 10 is 8 or 9 pads vs 1 or 2 wheels Infact Malaysia, China, Spain and Brazil are some of the WORST tracks on the game for the wheel because of the tyre wear.
  2. Even if they start releasing patches for the PC right now it could be months before we see them on consoles. I dont think its happening, they have moved on and we are stuck with what we have got.
  3. Thats mainly because the pad and wheel have been fairly equal on F1 2010, 2012 and 2013. 2011 was the only wheel dominated game and I remember a fair few people complaining about it. This game at the moment is so broken you are best off just not even playing with pad users. Wheel can keep up in certain circumstances, namely in qualifying or at a few tracks like Austria or Germany but in every other scenario(wet weather, tyre wear, traction, starts) the pad is utterly dominant. Lets face it at the moment the pad and the wheel are driving 2 completely different games. Wheel has great high sp
  4. +1 This is absolutely absurd. Giving the pad a hidden traction control is not how you should balance the pad vs wheel. Its just completely lazy and its going to ruin the game for wheel users online.
  5. Its probably the worst F1 game I have ever played. I got it for a similar price and still found it to not be worth that amount. The handling is horrible, it looks like shit and the actual simulation of the F1 season is laughable because the devs seemingly got Lotus and Caterham mixed up so Trulli ends up 5th or higher most races. Not worth it.
  6. Wait for the next gen game if you don't want to buy the bloody PS3/360 game because it doesn't have the features you want. You think they'll revolutionize the game on old gen consoles, when they'll be defunct in about two years time, rather than wait 6 months and give them to us in a much better and nicer product? Quite whinging and come back in 6 months for the 2015 game if 2014 is eating your arse so much.  No they dont have to revolutionize anything. They need to improve it and so far they have not made an improvement to the base game since F1 2012. The fact that your getting so e
  7. I'm struggling here to see a reason to buy this game. All of the info that has come out so far just seems to be confirming what is not in the game. No online practice No Formation lap No Start Procedure No online improvements No driver numbers(this is ludicrous imo) I could go on forever. This to me seems like as bare bones a game as you are ever likely to see. F1 2013 had nothing meaningful added and this seems to be exactly the same. Where is the progression guys? Where is the advancement in the series going to come from? I know I know, next gen etc etc but seriously this game is
  8. From the codemasters games as a league racer; 1st - F1 2010 the best. Equal cars, less connection issues and little to no online lag. Simple handling model but it still managed to be fun. Setups could be changed and improved depending on the track. You could mess around with the ballast for example to get a different balance. Since F1 2011 every F1 game has had a single best setup for every track which is a shame. 2nd - F1 2012. Pretty decent game. Solid handling and sort of but not quite equal cars, decent online apart from the lag bubbles. 3rd -  F1 2011/F1 2013. Both are in the same
  9. It would be great if the ai could be faster and less passive when driving on track. It annoys me how they can be scared out of an overtake if you make any movement whatsoever on the straight and how they slow down when you are right behind them letting you get an easy pass. Sadly after 4 games the ai is still crap and will seemingly never improve
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