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  1. I don't for a second believe the F1 games have been almost deliberately bugged. I think it's a combination of things starting right back to having a poor engine and technology which kept causing problems. And perhaps some poor procedures for ironing out the bugs. And all this is magnified ten fold by having to pump out a game every year. This is not Project Cars where you have the chance to delay your game for six months (and although the official story is for a better window, I've read that others feel it's just as much a case that the game is not ready). They would probably be in violation of contract not to release the game. However next year is a fresh start and what looks like a chance to move away from the old technology with lots of lessons learned. We'll see where Codemasters and the F1 series is at next year, more so as they have had significantly longer to work on the game to boot. Plus there is one other crucial fact that must be mentioned. Admittedly I play generally only offline, but I have pretty much encountered zero bugs alteast over the last few editions. I don't know about you guys but if you play the game as it is meant to be played I can barely see any, nothing serious anyway.
  2. Magic01

    New structure at CM ?

    Well all this sounds funny to me. The ego engine did not remove a full race weekend did it now! It was the games designer! Not quite so short sighted after all I guess. No you are being short sighted. If you actually look at why the race weekend was removed you will see why and it reinforces my point. I don't know how much control Steve had at Codemasters. If he had full control I guess you might be right, but if he was just the games designer he did a good job with the tools he had.
  3. Magic01

    New structure at CM ?

    Steve Hood is not the problem. Anybody blaming him is completely short sighted. The problem is that Codemasters were never really cut out to do F1. The engine and technology is the main problem. You only have to see what happened when 2010 came out. The Ai could not even do consistent laps. The technology was never there in the engine to build good handling. Hence why despite the massive progress it still lacks good feel. That and the enormous amount of bugs in their technology I believe held them back a lot. Such that the team understandably became conservative and there was a lack of new ideas and features. This is the problem. Steve and the team got a lot out of what they had to work with. It's not a game just for the casuals. There is a lto of stuff in the game that you wouldn't even know about unless you were a real F1 fan. I remember in 2012 they had a handling model that included front slip angles such that it made it so difficult for some people that they thought the game was broken. They made huge progress with the ai and handling but its obvious they were restricted in what they could do. Plus with an F1 game it is very difficult to breath and look to fix things as you have to produce a game every year. I'm not saying Codemasters do not have problems and yes they really do need to reform their studio but Steve Hood is not the problem with the F1 games. The fact that the franchise seemed to stop going forward suggests deeper problems that is not so easily fixed. Honestly I think Steve did a good job. And one must not forget the games are not bad by any means, although I do agree when you do see some of the new racing games and even other great AAA titles you can see that things are starting to slip at Codemasters. We will have to see what they come up with in 2015. I do believe if they have a good new engine, noe that is more suited to F1 and not riddled with bugs, the team can do a good job but whether they have that or not we will have to wait and see.
  4. Magic01

    Difficulty settings

    Getting the difficulty right for a game like F1 is so hard yet absolutely vital to the experience. Finish 5th in a Caterham? The illusion is broken straight away. Yet if you are too slow the game is just not fun. I've always felt that the F1 games need more difficulty levels, perhaps even a slider or a way of automating it to a players level. It really is vital to get a good experience if the Ai is way ahead or behind their level. I think the truth is though the F1 games are not hard as such, just that they take time to get good at. Most of it just comes down to muscle memory and understanding the limit of the car. And to develop that is easy, you just have to put the laps in. I personally have no trouble beating legend ai (and I assure you there are people quicker than me), but this is not a magic trick just a case of enough laps over the years. I thought I was on the limit 5 years ago and I'm whole seconds faster despite seemingly doing the same thing. The more track time the faster you get, even if you don't realise it but there is no magic shortcut to improving. Ultimately if you want to really enjoy these games you have to get somewhat good at them and that means building up your experience. You have to be able to lap consistently without major errors and know all the tracks well. I think Codemasters need to look at finding ways to develop the players driving skills and abilities otherwise a lot of the good stuff in the game means nothing to those players. The young drivers test is far, far too basic.
  5. Magic01

    2014 traction levels

    You can safely say traction control will be in the game. It's currently in there and I doubt they will remove it. Ultimately the codemasters games have tried to hit the main themes of F1 and make it accessible to all so a balance will be found.
  6. Magic01

    f1 2014 / project cars

    Yeah the last thing we need to be worried about is the graphics. Sure its possible games like PCARS will have better graphics and whilst they are important and should continuously be developed, the F1 games will still do a good job and the most important thing is developing the game itself.
  7. Magic01

    F1 2014: #1 Career Mode / Grand Prix Mode

    Yeah I understand that. But you still have to respect that some things are impossible or don't add a lot to the game. Things like a live driver market would be awesome and dare I say it would probably already be in but there is no way F1 is going to let it happen. But other features as long as they add to the game though are probably good candidates, things like a liver track all have potential. To be honest it's things like a live track which makes qualifying as entertaining as it is as the drivers always improve making it important to be on track at the end. And I also agree that 2010 actually had a lot going for it. A big reason it failed was because the games fundamentals were very poor. But now that a solid base is in play new features can and should be looked at (whilst still refining fundamentals of course). To be fair a lot of 2010 is still there just presented in a different way, but the ideas were not expanded on and developed. But if you are going to do it you have to really do it properly because things like press conferences can seem great until put into practice otherwise. It's the sort of thing that you really have to put a big effort into to really get your vision across. I definetly think the potential is there though and you wouldn't want to completely judge that stuff from the 2010 game.
  8. Magic01

    F1 2014: #1 Career Mode / Grand Prix Mode

    I think its good to have ideas but you need to be reaslistic. No way are drivers changing teams. The driver is part of the teams branding and enormous money and effort is put into that. A Ferrari driver is not going to be allowed to drive a McLaren. This is also a racing game, one that is forced out yearly and one that has a lot on its plate with that, so I think we can forget the management aspect being part of this game. I think a management game would have to be separate and made by another separate team. We also need to respect that adding FP1 & 2 does nearly nothing for the game at least until a way is found to add value. Putting it in takes value away as those sessions still need to tested taking up time. In a game it is not necessary as you can practice whenever you like. Yea ideally you would have it in, but the end goal is the best product possible and compromises have to be made. Just as with the ai, which is a hugely important part of the game. The team has worked hard on this as shown by the constant improvements. But this is not easy mainly because the engine was not designed for an F1 game and although big strides have been made this is not an easy quick fix. But the team definetly understands the importance of having an ai that is good to race against. The team will definetly be working hard to improve the ai again this year, which I should say whilst far from perfect is competent, but getting a completely realistic ai is probably going to be a step too far. I will be disappointed though if there is not another good step up from them this year. I absolutely do agree the career needs an overhaul. Throwing more seasons at it won't help. The career is just not all that interesting although it really should be the centrepiece. It's all become repetitive, it's too drawn out and not appealing. I actually think part of the problem is how many races there are. 20 a season is a lot and the last few really become a drag when you're really after the end result and looking for a better car for next season. The career mode has huge potential and should be the go to part of the game but something is not right with it as it is.
  9. Magic01

    will the release date ever be renegotiated?

    Ideally the game would come out earlier but I think if you look at it realistically the date they have now is the only option. I suspect getting all the season and tweaking the performance is not the hard bit. It's adding everything else to the game, the features, the step up in quality with regards to things like handling and AI. They are struggling how it is to release the game on a yearly basis whilst still moving things forward and I think it would be very difficult for them to make the time frame even shorter.
  10. Magic01

    F1 2013 Feedback Thread

    Why even waste your time playing the game if it is so bad. Just stick to rfactor where you have great ai and rain ect. Or have you forgotten rfactor as good as it was is extremely flawed as well? You're talking nonsense. F1 2013 is unquestionably the most complete F1 game we've ever had. And despite your nonsense about them not trying they have made big steps each year and they will I'm sure continue so in the future. And whilst the game certainly has a lot of room for improvement it still has a lot of good things going for it and as I say it does a better job than anything that has come before it. I guess you just have lower expectations and while thats fine, why are you getting all rustled about my opinion? the points i'm making are valid and you haven't backed up your argument by making a single valid point so all you've done is said i'm talking nonsense without backing it up by saying anything with any substance besides brown nosing the game without offering any constructive criticism, instead you've odly taken offense to my comments as if you made the game, haha. yes rfactor is flawed, but it's an older game and like i said, beats it on so many levels without even mentioning the whole 'sim' aspect. some of the points i've made have nothing to do with the restrictions on it being a sim or not, like i said, the online mode seems like it had little thought put into it especially as it seemed they overlooked people 'maybe' wanting to race in leagues or do proper online practice/qualy  sessions, which if were available would make the driving standards better, if you join any crappy online race in the lobby, the first lap is always carnage so it makes it redundant as less people bother with it. go and take your sippy cup back to the childrens table ;) No. You claimed that Rfactor owns it in nearly every way. Which is completely false. When you put nonsense out like that you are not offering constructive criticism, rather just being negative. As said Rfactor has some good things going for it, but it lacks a lot of the important F1 elements even if in some other areas it is superior to the codemasters F1 games. And yes you do have some good points which I agree with but I think you should reconsider how you put some of those across.
  11. Magic01

    F1 2013 Feedback Thread

    Why even waste your time playing the game if it is so bad. Just stick to rfactor where you have great ai and rain ect. Or have you forgotten rfactor as good as it was is extremely flawed as well? You're talking nonsense. F1 2013 is unquestionably the most complete F1 game we've ever had. And despite your nonsense about them not trying they have made big steps each year and they will I'm sure continue so in the future. And whilst the game certainly has a lot of room for improvement it still has a lot of good things going for it and as I say it does a better job than anything that has come before it.
  12. Magic01

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Personally I think it's still a case of building on the fundamentals as much as anything. Doesn't matter how many features you have if the fundamentals are not good the game is not good. Codemasters have definetly made a huge step up each year in this department but more work still needs to be done. My feeling is they have tried to emulate the F1 experience a lot, rather than simulate so much which I think is a good thing but they are lacking in some areas which makes me feel I'm not an F1 driver. For me the fundamentals are. 1. Handling - Although the handling is quite good I still feel it's a little shallow. When I drive other racing games, especially those like the great Ferrari Virtual Academy sim, I actually want to drive it for the love of driving. In codemasters games I just don't get that feeling, even if it's not totally that far off those games. I think there are two main reasons for this. Firstly the engine they started with was not really designed for F1. Secondly the aim is more to emulate F1. As long as it looks real, which it does, it should be fine. The problem I get is the feel of the car is just not there. The handling has improved a lot, particularly in 2012. But I think now with a lot of that work done, more focus needs to be done on transferring that feel back to the driver. The thing is the more feel you get, the easier it is for the driver and the more you can push it to be even more realistic. At the moment although it does a lot right, it's actually quite hard to spin off the track even if you want to in F1 2013. 2. Tracks - This is tied a little into the handling. The tracks are all pretty well done (although a little aged now?) but the problem is I don't always feel like the track is alive. Take a lap around Australia and you will see what I mean from a driving point of view. You can flat line the kerbs, charge over the grass and you go faster, not slower. There is a balancing act to be found between difficulty here and practicality for everyone. But I think these elements have to be made more alive. In real F1 the grass is generally not good for lap time and often the green astroturf is very slippery. I've driven a lot of good and bad tracks overs the years. With a good track it just feels natural to be on the road and not run wide everywhere. I'm not totally sure of the fix but I feel it has something to do with the graphics and track physics. It's not just about more powerful graphics but how they are applied. The grass and the like has to look scarier and more alive and the track itself something you have to be on.  And again a good track makes it easier and more natural, not necessarily harder, even if you were to punish mistakes more. A good track is one those things that just makes the game a lot more enjoyable. In codemasters games I would say just about all tracks can be improved somewhat. The race track is a huge part of a great driving experience. 3. AI - The reason why the first codemasters F1 game ultimately fell short was because the ai. The ai makes or breaks the single player experience. This is obviously a very tough thing to get right, as otherwise more would get it right. But look back to GP4, more than 10 years ago and it still clearly outclasses the F1 games of today. And imo that means the F1 games of today are just not doing good enough. The first I think is to make the other cars actually feel like they exist. You touch a car in F1 2013 and almost nothing happens, except the ai being pushed wide. Fix this and you improve the ai a lot without doing anything else. It makes the AI feel totally fake and they don't exist. When you make contact with the ai, it has to feel like a good bang and that you can't just push the ai around. This does not mean you have to have super real damage, just that the ai are real important objects. Secondly I think the ai needs to be put on a slider to simply save the problem of some being too slow or too quick. Perhaps even one that is slightly adaptive. Everyone has a vast array of abilities and skills and getting a level you are comfortable with is something that is hugely important to enjoying these games, especially as the focus is on providing the F1 experience. Outside of that the ai is still not up to standard from a racing point of view but I'm sure they are working on this. Mainly improving the braking ability and aggression in defense and attack is where work is still needed. Again it does not matter how good your other features if the ai is not up to standard. For me they are three fundamentals that will improve the game massively. Outside of that though there are plenty of areas and other features to work on. 1. Young driver test/academy - Teach people trully how to drive. Not just what the buttons do, anyone can learn that in five minutes. You need a certain level of competency to enjoy this game and to get that F1 experience. We've seen a huge amount of comments from people saying they have too much understeer. Driven correctly the car will not understeer. But these people simply have not understood they are going well over the tyres slip angles. Instead they should be taught and trained up through the game. You will get a lot less complaining if people are able to get on top of the driving a lot easier or atleast understand how it works. The same goes for learning tracks. Of course a lot of it is just laps, but I like the GT system of working on sections at a time. I think you can borrow a leaf from that book as it suits both inexperienced and experienced. Learning and understanding the track really is important for lesser skilled players to enjoy the game. 2. Career - I say overhaul time. The current system just doesn't really work. I doubt that many people really play it all that much. But rather than putting this down to the career not being popular I think it needs to be looked at as to why. Firstly I think a whole season is just too long with not enough happenning. I'll say something controversial and a lot will disagree with but shorten the seasons length in career. Make 10 to 14 races with perhaps some testing and events in between and rotate the tracks around each year. This will alow more seasons as well with more hapenning and I think players just want to get to the top, a Red Bull, a Ferrari and your stuck in a Williams and the season just becomes a drag. Plus I think it's very important that changing car performance each season (or perhaps even in season?) comes back as well as an improved more player driven experience with upgrades. Career has a lot of potential to be a trully great element in the game. You could go even further and add classic cars into the career system. But whatever the case it needs a big overhaul in the way the system and career works. 3. Qualifying, new tyres and track evolution - Qualifying is one of F1's greatest and most exciting events for both drivers and fans. One of the things that the F1 games so far havn't done is give you that edge of your seat feeling much in qualifying. Set your lap at about 10 minutes to go and you will nearly always end up in that position or very close to it. However in F1 qualifying you often can be 8th at that time only to start to drop right down the order. For me two things. Not enough track evolution in qualifying (if there is any?) and secondly I think the ai do not put on new tyres for each run. Add to that sometimes the ai will be outside the top ten or whatever and not run again. Any driver near danger should be going out on a new set of soft tyres no quaestion mark. Qualifying should be a huge exciting and challenging event. You should be wondering should I go out again or save new tyres? Or timing that lap to the last minute to get the pole or beat your team-mate. 4. HUD - I know they are not allowed to use the real tv style hud, but I think we should be getting something more F1 based. The current one doesn't really cut it for me. I think it's important particularly in qualifying, and perhaps in the race to have more drivers on the left showing. Remember often you are racing a driver on a different strategy many positions back from you. I think the hud needs an overhaul to create a better experience. Remember whilst it is not realistic it is how we all experience F1 and we are unable to get on the radio and ask for certain gaps. We are really doing the job of an engineer and manager ourselves and we need the info to respect that. 5. Helmet editor - My last one here is to add a helmet editor. I understand other things have to come first but we all dream of being racing drivers and one of the things we love most is helmets. It's a drivers indentity. I think adding this in would add a huge personal touch to the game and the game is all about us being that F1 driver isn't it? Just my thoughts. Make no mistake, Steve and the team have done a great job over the years and I'm sure they will continue to do so!