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  1. marvinandroid85

    How do you break your limits?

    Well, thank you all guys. I'll practice especially on trail braking.
  2. marvinandroid85

    How do you break your limits?

    Thank you mate. I'll try and work on my consistency and calmness!
  3. marvinandroid85

    How do you break your limits?

    Thanks for your answer Carlos. I've tried them all - except fine tuning with the setup. I've always taken from granted that yes, I can improve a bit with a well-suited setup, but not that 1,5-2 seconds that divide me from the best. What I was curious to know and the information I was trying to gather is: what was the thing that helped you the most in improving your racing?
  4. marvinandroid85

    How do you break your limits?

    Dear all, I’ve been racing since F1 2016, either solo or league racing. When I prepare a race I do really put a great effort (days I’m which I focus on learning driving lines, days in which I focus on race pace, days in which I focus on Q times). However, I can’t seem to be at the level of the top drivers of the league I race (some are good, but the rest of us are quite average). I can’t seem to find that second that divides me from getting that damn podium or a race win. I am beginning to think that’s it - that’s my level, and I will have to be content with what I can do. I’m ready to accept that. I am, as a matter of fact, desperate. But is there, and that’s what I came here to ask you, is there something that prevented your driving (and your laptimes) from improving that you eventually found out? What was your deal breaker? The extra weight you were carrying? I race on a fanatec csl is elite, LC brake, playseat evolution. Thanks to those who will stop by to laugh at me (and rightly so) or help. Rob