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  1. Yes I agree FOSTBITTEN but if you reach level 99 in any discipline you wont be able to go up another level overall unless you go into another discipline
  2. But surely codemasters can lift this limit if they really wanted to some people care about there ranks in the games and if you end up with a room full of level 99 they wont know how far infront or behind other players unless they have access to internet which some people don't
  3. Well I don't see the point in having online levels if there going to be capped cause sooner or later your going to get a lobby full of players on level 99, why not just let the level be a lot higher
  4. I just reached this level in touring cars and just seen that its capped at level 99 cant we have the cap limit alot higher than that??
  5. yes is I see that but the problem has been there since day 1 of the game and they were told loads of times about it but they chose to do nothing about it and left it but were kind enough to take everyones money lol
  6. im on the 360 and its a pain when they do this all the time...ive been playing ever since it come out and they have never ever fixed this at all and neither will codemaster answer as to why this was never fixed.i am pretty sure there still liable as this was never fixed im gonna dig deeper into this even though the game is old now but people still love playing this and cant because of the cheats
  7. Well I totally understand all the people who are frustrated by this because its taken so long and I for one know codemasters don't fix all the problems if you take a look at Dirt 2 How long has that been out ??? yet they never ever fixed the line glitch on that game yet its still live and loads of people love playing that game until the cheats come in where you just drive upto the start line just as the front of the car goes over line they hit rest and Bang they skip forward a lap...so yeah its hard to believe what you get told when u have seen this all before but that's codemasters for you
  8. Hey all im was just wondering how come codemasters never ever fixed the line glitch in Dirt 2 i mean dirt 2 is a great rally game but when it comes to the lap races u get cheats that does the line glitch where they drive upto start line and just as car goes over the line they hit reset and it puts the forward a lap which ruins the game and dirt 2 has been out for so long now and they never fixed this??
  9. yep I agree with most on here they done a really good rally game Dirt 2 but how may years has that been out and they never fixed the line glitch where u can just drive upto the line and just as the front of the car goes past the start line they hit reset and it puts them forward a lap as for Grid Autosport ive only been reset once  now I don't do any tuning and I seem to be fine touch wood lol
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