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  1. I have a 680 with 4 gb ram (card has 2) and it runs 60fps all of the time at 1080p as long as I turn car reflections down to high from ultra. For some reason that and advanced lighting are the two biggest taxes in the games visual settings besides AA and resolution. A 760 should be close to my 680 however I have a huge overclock on my gpu. I would say your fine. Worst care drop the car reflections to high. You will never notice. Try to leave advanced lighting on if you can. It looks nice at night but hardly seems to do anything but draw about 10% gpu power during day races for nothing.
  2. Remaster Dirt 1 with better wheel support and 5.1 audio for PC !
  3. BTW, this mirror mod is awesome. I am looking for a way to make the mirror a tad smaller. I think it is awesome that even the level of detail in the mirror is as good as the rest of the game on ultra and when you turn it down the resolution drops in the mirror. Nice way to scale this feature. Killer job on part of the modder !
  4. Codies should really try community beta testing with their patches etc. Oh wait, they did when they released this game and didn't bother to mention it. On a serious note, players of Street Fighter can enroll in beta patches at times. The downside is you can only play online with those that have the beta patch. Upside is you get your patch tested across more hardware configurations that would ever be possible and you get around the clock feedback on the patch. This is a great way to debug and no one has their arm twisted to try it.
  5. For those using one screen, I have found a way to get a wider view by creating a custom resolution in the nvidia control panel. I noticed a lot of Blu-Ray movies are letterbox but wider and wondered if this could be done with gaming. Making a custom resolution of 2560x1080 gave me a 21:9 aspect ratio. (I HAD to run my desktop at this res to get the game to appear properly and you can always switch back) You have a letter box screen but those on large displays that sit close using wheels or sim rigs will hardly notice. You could letterbox a 3 screen setup giving you an even wider view but you w
  6. The view doesnt matter at all..I use a wheel and cockpit but that no more makes me a real driver than anyone else because none of it is real. It's a game remember ? 
  7. I submit that the above idea of a small window on screen that shows a top down view would become the norm in racing games going forward. That would trump mirrors any day for positional awareness on a single screen. One can hope. It could be simple vector lines for all I care to keep the graphics load down. 
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