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  1. dakar2008

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    That's right, but keeping in mind that the new GRiD is not a simulator but a semi-sim arcade racer, it's fine by me, but if you want that opportunity to let the game choose type of transmission pattern you should use by vehicle type, then you should try playing some Assetto Corsa, it does that and thats a sim-racer, so as long this game is not a sim racer i can't see why they should implement it at all.
  2. dakar2008

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    It's already possible to use a H-Shift pattern with cluch in the game, i used it and i don't need to restart the game for it to work.
  3. dakar2008

    Missing possibility to set brake saturation

    Thanks for the fast response, i have calibrated my device a couple of times, and it keeps showing a red exclamation mark, and it's not showing up
  4. I love that the Grid series is back, but the game serious need a possibility to adjust the brake saturation, like F1 has and most of the DiRT games has, but the new GRID game does not have it, and i got a Logitech G29 where the brake pedal is pretty tough to push down to maximum pressure, so i loved in the other games that i can adjust that in the game so i don't need to press the pedal that much to get maximum brake pressure. Hope you will implement this in an update soon.