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  1. MotorworldHype

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    We haven't heard back from the team yet unfortunately. We're sure Lee and the team had a lot to do as the game just launched. As soon as we get any updates we will let you know.
  2. MotorworldHype

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    I generally do not reveal the questions chosen before the interview goes up. At this stage the responses are not "locked in" yet so I've found it best to just wait for the interview to be completed.
  3. MotorworldHype

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    Hey everyone just wanted to give you all a heads up that we have picked our questions and we will be submitting them to the team today. Stay tuned to this thread for further updates!
  4. MotorworldHype

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you all a heads up that we will start choosing questions soon. Likely within the next 48 hours. So, get your questions in and don't forget to vote for other questions by giving them a thumbs up or a like! I also wanted to add an important note. Please keep in mind that even if your question is chosen and we pose it to Lee, there is absolutely no mandate that he must answer it. There could be many "no comment" style responses depending on the question being asked. So, if your question is chosen and Lee does not wish to answer it please be mature and do not direct any harassment at Lee, Codemasters, or myself. Thanks and good luck!
  5. MotorworldHype

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    Great questions everyone! Keep them coming. We want to make sure as many people participate as possible so we have a lot of questions to choose from. Also make sure to vote for other questions by giving them thumbs up and/or a like. That is how we know what YOU want us to ask!
  6. Hey everyone, We wanted to let you know that we may have a chance to conduct an interview with F1 2019 game director Lee Mather. Because of this, we want to give YOU the chance to get answers to your F1 2019 questions. We have done this in the past with other racing franchises which I won't name here and it typically goes on pretty well. This is how it will work (PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING): 1. Submit a question you would like to ask Lee Mather about F1 2019 2. Make sure the question was not already answered in a previous interview or in another thread on this forum. 3. It is ok to ask a hard hitting question but don't get adversarial. For example don't ask things like "Why did F1 2018 suck?" 4. Please only ask ONE QUESTION PER POST. See #5 for why. 5. We will be choosing questions based on how many "Likes" and thumbs up each post gets. The more it has the more likely we are to choose it. If one post has several questions in it then we don't know which one earned the "like". Thus, any post with multiple questions in it, despite how many likes it has will be ignored. 6. If your question is chosen we will credit you by your forum user name when we ask it. 7. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL GET A RESPONSE. We are in contact with the Codemasters PR agency of record and we have interacted with Lee in the past but many outlets will be perusing questions as well so we can't promise that Lee will be able to answer the questions we submit to him. 8. All updates on the status of the interview will be posted here. The finished interview will go up on MotorworldHype.com 9. Please be respectful in your questions to Lee and to each other! Trolls will be ignored and even reported based on conduct. 10. REMEMBER! If you can't come up with a question, that's ok! Read the other questions in this thread and give them "Likes"/Thumbs Up! that is your way to vote for the best questions! I think that covers anything. If there are any new rules or changes to the situation, this thread will be updated. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! Good luck!