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  1. Autosport was really just a reshuffled version of Grid 2 with blurred cockpits. You'd be best to use Grid 2's announcement timeline (announced Aug 2012 & released May 2013)... unless you want DiRT 3: Autosport with blurred cockpits.
  2. Knock Out from DiRT: Showdown is my fav.
  3. They just don't want to get drowned out by all the AAA games; DiRT 2 (highest selling?) was announced November 19th 2008 (announced after CoD)... it's just this year there's more AAA games releasing till the 24th so I agree with @gfRally's candybar countdown theory, especially convincing it ends on Dec 4th. DiRT Showdown was announced in December (the 13th to be exact).
  4. If IGN see this again, I bet that they will write something! :P DiRT 3 was announced in September so anythings possible lol It was announced back in July 30th 2010. DiRT 2 was announced in November 19th 2008 so they might just wait till after all the holiday AAA games release. I think DiRT 2 sold the most of any single entry so they might just want to repeat their marketing playbook from DiRT 2 for DiRT 4.
  5. Joker laps for Rallycross. A shortcut that you can only use once per race (at your discretion).
  6. The official Motor Trend Channel on YouTube has a TV-like-series called "Dirt Every Day" [32 videos ; ~6 hours] which covers new 4x4 tests, aftermarket off road upgrades, wacky 4-wheel shoot outs and dirt road trips. They also have trophy truck replays from "TORC: The Off Road Championship" [17 videos ; ~38 hours] (though I preferred it when DiRT 2 mixed buggy's with trophy trucks)
  7. The IGN editor is from London, UK... so maybe he knows more since these were some of the more "tame" tweets (imo). (either embargo for upcoming press event or a friend in Codemasters) /tinfoilhat
  8. Yes, everyone's getting antsy for the announcement. (CG trailer taking longer than normal over at RealTimeUK, hmmm?) 819 days since the DiRT: Showdown which was arguably not a "mainline" DiRT game and so 1,187 days since DiRT 3.
  9. The mainstream media is now picking up the gossip. IGN: Dirt 4 Teased By Codemasters
  10. Is it a conflict of interest or can you say which is your favorite DiRT game?
  11. Darren Hayward (the vending machine tweet) - Linkedin profile So he's been working on an unannounced AAA since Nov 2012... DiRT 4: Raisin anyday now... (and good job from QA to game designer)
  12. DiRT announced: May 4th 2006first released: Jun 15th 2007difference: 407 days DiRT 2 announced: Nov 19th 2008first released: Sep 8th 2009difference: 293 days DiRT 3 announced: Jul 30th 2010first released: May 21st 2011difference: 295 days DiRT Showdown announced: Dec 12th 2011first released: May 23rd 2012difference: 163 days Average time from public announcement to the first release: 289.5 days (May 29th 2015 if announced today) to play the next DiRT game. But I'm willing to wait 407 days for DiRT 4, @justbiglee ! :D ;)
  13. dotmartin said: "fog" in games before the 360/PS3 actually increased performance/framerate. ;)
  14. I would want an Xbox 360 version for DiRT 4. Just make next-gen versions 60fps/1080p.
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