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  1. djrabes

    Your first F1 game

    Formula 1 97. Game was and still is fantastic. Play it every now and then for that nostalgia fix.
  2. djrabes

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    I'm interested as well. On my T300 the cars feel too light, more so than others. Just seems to be the F1 cars, F2 cars feel fine.
  3. I've never known them sending an email, although their support says they will.
  4. @DaddeRagaz @heideldrum I've got my key from CD Keys!
  5. Will do. I'm keeping an eye out. Have messaged support asking for a timeframe. Going from previous games, we're looking at 4pm UK time.
  6. Heard rumours they might be late. But fingers crossed for later this afternoon.
  7. I'm waiting for my CDKeys code, should be available later this afternoon. I think that website has got the date wrong for the Legends Edition. Early Access is available through re-sellers.
  8. Would love them to improve the spectate screen when in a session, going full screen with the FOM HUD would look awesome.
  9. djrabes

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    I don't know how some people aren't pleased. We have a F1 game released even before mid season, with all the cars and tracks beautifully recreated. New lighting system, improved handling, career mode changes, F2 2018/19 content, more classic cars, better multiplayer customisation and yet people still want more. Career mode has been improving each year since 2016, the career mode before 2015 was so boring, now we actually have something to put our time in. Handling has also improved, tyres have improved, graphics have improved, we've had ERS implemented, so much more compared to what we had when F1 2015 released, its been going to strength and strength each year, and I'm sure F1 2020 will be even better than F1 2019. Codemasters have really got their recipe right since F1 2016 IMO what they did with that has helped shape their future of F1 games for the next few years.
  10. We'll see when we get our hands on the game
  11. I believe any team sponsors will be removed from their helmets when they move.
  12. djrabes


    Its fine 😁 if you scroll to the bottom of the page you linked, it showed you all the 'packs' 🙂
  13. djrabes


    The webpage says £14.99
  14. I had this after am update (think Steam update) a few days ago. I restarted my PC and the issue went away. Not sure if that'll help you.
  15. djrabes

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    Have you done an integrity file check in Steam? Is the F1 2018 program files on the same drive as your OS? Could be possible that the Windows Upgrade messed with the game files.