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  1. djrabes

    F1 2018 crashes everytime I try to launch it

    I had this after am update (think Steam update) a few days ago. I restarted my PC and the issue went away. Not sure if that'll help you.
  2. djrabes

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    Have you done an integrity file check in Steam? Is the F1 2018 program files on the same drive as your OS? Could be possible that the Windows Upgrade messed with the game files.
  3. My guess is if you can run F1 2018, you should be able to run F1 2019. F1 2019 uses DX12, that should help your FPS. You could however do with an extra 8GB of RAM to be safe memory wise.
  4. djrabes

    Legends Edition

    I believe it will become available later on to buy as DLC.
  5. djrabes

    Crash Physics (here me out here)

    The problem with the F1 game's crash physics is the cars are still built of iron. Sometimes you catch the wall right where you get ZERO damage, despite hitting the wall at 100mph, yet same corner you could go in at a shallower angle and take half your front wing and a wheel off.
  6. djrabes

    Ferrari's livery

    Mission Winnow is a 'thing' set up by Philip Morris International (PMI) with Scuderia Ferrari and Ducati MotoGP team being technology partners. PMI owns tobacco brand 'Marlboro' who used to sponsor said teams until the mid-2000's when tobacco advertisement was banned. The difference between Red Bull and Mission Winnow, is that Tobacco Advertisement is banned basically everywhere, but Energy Drinks don't have the same advertisement restrictions. Although Mission Winnow does not advertise Tobacco, it's involvement with PMI rings alarm bells for some countries, especially Australia & France who have strict rules on advertisement, this is why Ferrari elect to run modified liveries for those Grand Prix. Some countries will allow this, some won't. I would expect more races this year to have the 90 Years of Ferrari livery. PMI pay hundreds of millions to sponsor Ferrari, them and British American Tobacco (BAT) have found a grey area in order to get their names back on F1 cars. The difference between Ferrari & McLaren, is that BAT is not the primary sponsor of McLaren. Yes, Red Bull is not healthy, but there's also Fizzy Drinks, Coffee, Chocolate, Fast Food, Smoking, Drinking, Gambling etc. I personally think gambling is worse than Red Bull, that's probably something to watch out for as Racing Point have just been sponsored by them, and I expect more betting companies to follow suit in the next few years.
  7. I believe he means their likeness. I think you can use either Senna or Prost as your driver avatar for Career Mode.
  8. djrabes

    F1 Legends Edition not avaivable

    I've been waiting for it go live since announcement. Thankfully it's there!
  9. djrabes

    F1 Legends Edition not avaivable

    The Legends Edtion is on cdkeys for pre-order.
  10. Does the Senna & Prost version contain the Anniversary Edition content as well? Can't wait for June!