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  1. momorious

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    No. Base firmware is one part, wheel firmware is separate and also needs to be updated in order to get functionality of the APM. I know that old firmware versions for the wheel had this exact swapped button mapping issue but that was fixed a LONG time ago already which shows that the firmware on your wheel is not the latest one available.
  2. momorious

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    That's actually really weird because the top Paddles are only working since the 1.09 update and the middle normal Shifter always worked since release. Are you sure you are on the latest V28 firmware for the Formula Wheel? Looks like your button mapping is swapped which is a bug and definitely not normal. With Patch 1.09 all 4 buttons should now work, and before only the two middle normal Paddle Shifter should have worked.
  3. momorious

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    Hm? For me they are working since the new patch as the new patch made both MPS and both upper two APM Paddles working.
  4. momorious

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    this is WRONG. Playstation already supports enough buttons. It is fully up to Codemasters to code this into the game! They have access to the SDK of Fanatec and it is no magic to code this into the game but seems Codemasters just dont want to work.