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  1. I cannot agree more, this is what I have been trying to understand since F1 2011
  2. Just another confirmation please Britpoint, when you say that Pro Season does not have different time lengths, you mean that it is fixed we can not choose then or all sessions will have the same time not 1st and 2nd with 90 minutes and 3rd with 60? tks 
  3. I am really relieved that finally all free practices are in some way back, but I agree that they should be completelly back for all modes. I am also happy to see that many people knows that this is a very important part of a F1 game, in my opinion the biggest mistake CM ever made.
  4. I am very happy to know that all free practices are back, of course that there are other improvements that we should have, but that is the Codemasters way, as far as I understood all free practices will be only in the Pro Season Mode, they never do a complete improvement, it would not be simpler to introduce for all modes with an option for those who don't want to do all practices? Adding, another thing that I am wainting is the wheel support, will G27 be supported by F1 2015 and PS4?
  5. I have voted for yes but I do care about what they are doing
  6. This is the only reason I did not buy any cm f1 games after 2011. If they bring them back, then I'll be back! It would be a pathetic joke if CM dropped the career mode to focus more on realism, but still wouldn't bring back all FP's. On the other hand, I still wouldn't be suprised... I agree on not be supprised with CM, but that is their chance to correct this big mistake, now they can bring all FP's adding some development to be done if they are going to dropped career mode and bringing the "Very challenging Pro Season Mode".
  7. Hi, again I understand that there are a lot of new things that should be included in the game, but I am moaning about all free session because first it was included until 2011, for sure it was some kind of mistake the reason of the exclusion and finally I would like to "simulate" as close as possible a Formula 1 weekend and without the Friday practices, even sometimes boring, it would not be possible. Again for sure the reason is some kind of mistake, saying that Codemasters choose to exclude because there is no point on having those it is a %&$*$&, who are they to decide such a thing
  8. I hear that!...I am have been playing F1 2010 more than the other titles! ;) ...Now that was a great game Codemasters... So do I I'm in the middle of a career mode on it atm. Enjoying it immensely had some great battles yesterday on it. Well, forgive me but, what platform are you using? I always use PC nowadays, I have a PS4 but actually I only use that for Madden and a few others - other than that its just stuck there! :/... I'm digressing...Back to 2010... Yeah, well I am on PC and like I said, I re-installed it a few days ago after switching to Win8.1. I was having a few
  9. Any news on 2015 bringing back all free practices?
  10. Hi, could please just answer one question, will the 3 free practices be included in F1 2015 during the weekend? thanks
  11. I agree and add once we knew the full weekend weather forecast, we should use the Fridays practices for race simulation using full load of fuel, it will help us decide the setup. Also it would be great if that AI does the same. Of course, all of these should come togehter with more telemetry data.
  12. The real full weekend (FP1 and FP2) with a better weather plus temperature environment (e.g. wet Q2 and completely dry Q3), impacting the track grip. A lot of times we see that if it rains minutes before the session the track will start the session wet and improving based on the temperature and also the grip is different.
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