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  1. Nope..many gamers having the same problem on different platforms. It's the game.
  2. I tried Time Trail @ work, on a different PS4. I had the same issues.
  3. People on the other platforms have the same issues, so it's definitily not a 'Sony' issue. Hopefully it's gonna be fixed soon, because it's not acceptable for a €80,- game.
  4. Thanks @BarryBL for the quick response! But it's weird that many players are having the same issues. I think the game is making the CE errors. F1 2020 is the only game that's giving this errors on mine PS4pro.
  5. I have the same problem with My Team on PS4. Initialized database en reinstalled the game, but doesn't work. The same with Time Trail.
  6. Thanks for the bug report. I have the same issues as yours.
  7. I did the same thing. Game keeps crashing. I think it has nothing to do with PlayStation, but something with the game, because players on Xbox en Pc having the same problem. Especially with Time Trail.
  8. Jupp..common problem. Hope that it's gonna fixed soon.
  9. I have the same problem.
  10. Yepp..me also: ps4pro on the red bull ring. After a couple of laps.
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