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  1. MirageFL

    Cocpit view

    Could we please CM have the speed info on the HUD ?
  2. Hi all, hi CM, I'm disappointed to see that damages ratios haven't been corrected in this F1 2014. I'm forced to edit loose_part_settings.xml file to increase damage ratio. Then, I have to backup the file to play online. What are you waiting for, CM ? NOTHING that the players claimed has been brought to F1 2014. Will you correct this or won't you ? As I can be sure I won't buy any F1 games in the future if the answer is NO. This topic also concerns - 3 practice sessions back - False starts - Formation laps - Non-cheated AI - More pertinent engineer - Improved replays :     - Race comments     - Realistic TV cams     - Ability to switch from a car to another - Realistic physics (cars can't flip upside down like Gutierrez this year) - Manual pit stops -Configurable FOV etc. Thanks a lot if you consider this message. I mean, if you REALLY consider the requests ALL THE PLAYERS make since F1 2010.
  3. MirageFL

    F1 2014 career ps3

    Legend AI is done to be realistic, not to be cheated and absurdly fast... :-\
  4. MirageFL

    What you want to see from GRID

    -LAN -LAN -LAN & -Onboard cams