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  1. Cheers for the update, most races I can deal with them, but the fast tight tracks such as this weeks racenet challenge on okutama is an absolute nightmare.  I must have restarted the race about 20 times before I managed to get around the first corner, letting them pass and trying to overtake them later on isn't an option either since its elimination and there isn't enough time. I've been playing since release and this is the only complaint I have, really good job on the rest of the game. Thanks
  2. This weeks party mode racenet challenge is the best example of how badly coded the AI drivers are, after countless attempts at trying to get past a single one of them I honestly feel like Codemasters should just delete the AI altogether. They clearly haven't put any effort what so ever into coding them. You cant even get past the first corner without being pinballed around the track, seriously guys, sort this out.
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