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  1. Thanks, just replied to Ultra saying that I had not taken any other settings into account & had only looked at wing settings. I know the way set ups have been by designed has changed a lot in the game so other settings will affect downforce and my knowledge of set ups is not high enough to understand the impact on downforce that adjusting areas such as ride height would compensate for less wing, but still give higher downforce… Thanks for the updates and I will look at the other overall settings and see what else has changed to compensate for the reduction in wing
  2. Ok, that would make some sense, I hadn’t compared any other settings in each set up, I had only compared wing settings…still quite a big difference between the different wing settings 😊
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, which is how I assume it would be, but if you look at the wing settings for set up 2, it has a lower front (I think) than set up 3…so to me that would mean set up has less & not more downforce than set up 3?
  4. Hey, At the risk of ridicule, having played F1 for a long time, I was used to set up 1 being the highest downforce, through to set 5 being the lowest downforce. This year seems different, with set up 2 being less downforce than set up 3, can any explain or advise, cheers
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