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  1. Just some more feedback let us have the option to select rain tires a lot of the GT cars are racing in the rain on slicks. What gives? Also if I didn't mention for the tuner cars let change ride height, camber etc. How about more wheel options and colors some of the default wheels are not that great at least add some new ones that change ride height and camber when they are applied.
  2. Love the game but how about letting us be able to lower some of Tuner cars, change the wheels and color e.g. Subaru BRZ the wheels are not that great. I own a Subaru BRZ 2019 Limited WR Blue Pearl with the performance package Brembo Brakes and SACHS Struts front and rear so cool. The BRZ in the game needs some love where's the Rocket Bunny kit version? Also the replay camera what gives I can't even rotate the camera around the car no matter what mode I select please fix. How about a photo button/mode so we can zoom in to get the perfect shot? Love the PORSCHE 911 RSR!!!
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