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  1. Can’t connect either although the tabs are up. Had 5.500 000 in the bank,a ton of cars,they better come back Peolpe grumbled when race net had to be there for single player now there nightmares have come true. shambles.
  2. SteveAnthony

    F1 2019 launch failure.

    My Steam PC version of F1 2019 will not launch. Steam tells the games running but quite where it’s running I have no clue. Has anybody any clues to what this might be and how to fix it ?
  3. SteveAnthony

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Can we have an option to turn off the AI in online play especially in rallycross, I mean what's the point in playing online with the AI, I can do that offline. It should start as 2 groups of 4 live players with 2 races to qualify with the top 4 best times over 2 races to get to the final and the bottom 4 to fight to avoid the wooden spoon then those points move on to the next event. I mean you can fill with AI if someone leaves to fill the race up, but as it stands its just no fun and rallycross should be the best fun online racing could be. Just disappointed that somebody thought this was the way to go and just is so not the way to do this.