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  1. 13 hours ago, f1since08 said:

    Last logged in May 7th. I can see his email address so could email him if you want? 😛 

    Welcome back @buttonfan! I still haven't forgiven you for ramming me off at Eau Rouge all those years ago 😠

    I don't remember that at all.. Was it F1 2011 or 2012?

  2. 1 minute ago, couger1981 said:

    Wow who are you!! It has been a long time Welcome back, i do see you on psn occasionally think the last game we played together was f1 2012 or 2013? We migrated to another forum for a few years before this one but i still think vbulletin was better 😉

    Yeah I know, I was there as Mike96 😛

    Agreed on vBulletin, I like this one as well though.

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  3. MBKF1 said:
    I was trying to think last night but I can't remember for the life of me, so maybe one of you lot can help.

    Who was it that McLaren signed around 2 years ago, and was literally at the team for about 2 weeks? He was in a pretty top position, but left almost straight away, can't remember who it was.
    Jost Capito.

  4. Lukedfrt said:
    Bit random, but anyone remember the NSP forum that we used to go on :lol: .. I just came across it out of the blue, totally forgot about that! haha
    Paging @onetwothree

    Btw, why was this forum made again? I think it was due to the CM changing their forum?

  5. I think I forgot to predict one race, so not sure about the brand new prediction-rule. Either way, this is by far my best result in the history of our lil predictor game and it's been great fun, especially with how tight it was until the end. Looking forward to the new season! :)
    Indeed, I checked the results from each race at the 2nd post of the thread and there was a race you forgot. So I guess I'm the champion, nice :) As you said, it was great it went on until the final race. Hopefully more of the same this year :)